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The Baths and Wash Houses Historical Archive is engaged in preserving physical and web based written records, published and unpublished works, and photographs related to the evolution of private, public and commercial bathing and swimming establishments as well as the services and facilities that developed alongside them.

Subject areas presently include Historic Bath Houses & Plunge Pools, Swimming Baths, Wash Baths, Wash Houses, Therapeutic Baths, Turkish Baths, Russian Baths, Saunas, Aeratone Baths, Leisure Pools,  Open Air Pools, Lidos and elements associated with them.

These places are seen as being significant in people’s lives and the social fabric of the UK.

The Archive works with others and seeks to compliment and preserve the efforts of researchers and specialists that have gained knowledge in these areas.

The web site complements the physical material held and over time the intention is to make as much of the collection available on line as possible.

The desire is to make information freely available or at cost wherever possible.

The objects of the Archive are to encourage continued research and to offer a place for works to be made available to others.

A further object is to encourage the present day continuous recording and preservation of historical material and to protect information and works from being thoughtlessly discarded.

The Archive is an evolving and developing project and so its scope will develop over time.

The relevance of the Archive has been recognised by the British Library and this web site is regularly archived into its collection.

Writers and Contributors | Baths and Wash Houses Historical Archive

The Archive is also for everyone that is, or has, explored, studied, or written about the subject matter. It is a place for those that remember something of the facilities and wish to share memories and stories so that the history of these places will remain alive.

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We would like you to get involved in this project.

We are constantly looking for historical material, stories, photographs and unpublished works that may have been completed as part of a university course such as a dissertation. We also seek to preserve the contents of relevant web sites that may be considered no longer relevant to the owner.

This site provides a place to share access to this type of invaluable and often unique work.

If you would like to contribute please get in touch.

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