One of our aims is to identify publications relating to Swimming Baths or Swimming Pools, Private Wash Baths or Slipper Baths, Turkish Baths, Russian Baths, Spa Baths and Remedial Baths, Public Laundries or Public Wash Houses and to provide a means of access to them.

Presented below is our list of known publications. If you are aware of any additional material please let us know.

The Archive has a small collection that may be viewed by arrangement. The items we have in our collection are identified. Some material has been made available on line and where this has been identified the Title has a link to the relevant source.

We would also be pleased to hear from you if you know of or have available any unpublished memories, books, photographs, pamphlets, signs or memorabilia that you believe might be of interest please get in touch.

Baths and Baths Engineering
Published from March 1934. Baths and Bath Engineering – The practical and only British Journal devoted to the Design, Construction and Maintenance of; Public Swimming and Private Baths, Bathing Pools, Medical and Curative Baths, Spas, Pit-Head Baths, Wash-Houses and to the Treatment of Bath Water

From January 1935 the publication became Baths and Bath Engineering – The Official Journal of the National Association of Bath Superintendents

Baths Bulletin

Following the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939 publication of Baths and Bath Engineering was suspended. The National Association of Bath Superintendents continued to publish a Baths Bulletin. This publication was sent direct to Association members from October 1941 to April 1949.

Baths Service

The title of Baths and Bath Engineering was changed to Baths Service – The Journal of The National Association of Bath Superintendents in June 1949.

Alderson, Frederick The Inland resorts and Spas of Britain David & Charles (Holdings) Limited (Newton Abbot 1973)
Allen, John Kermott Swimming pools;: Their construction; mechanical installation; water supply; heating the water; various types of installations adapted to different conditions; with thirty illustrations and charts Domestic engineering (1907)
Allen, Simon Graham The Provision of Public Baths and Wash Houses in Cardiff and Their Effect on Victorian Public Health and Hygien 1846-1901 Dissertation School of Graduate and Continuing Education Faculty of Education and Sport University of Wales Institute, Cardiff (September 1998) ARCHIVE The Provision of Public Baths and Wash Houses in Cardiff and Their Effect on Public Health and Hygiene 1846-1901
Allen, Simon & Fleming, Scott Public Baths and Wash Houses in Cardiff: A Case Study of Public Health in 1900 Leisure Studies Journal ARCHIVE Public Baths and Wash Houses in Cardiff: A Case Study of Public Health in 1900
Allsop, Robert Owen Public Baths and Wash-Houses E & F. N. Spon (London 1894)
Allsop, Robert Owen The Hydropathic Establishment and its Baths E & F. N. Spon (London late 1800’s)
Allsop, Robert Owen The Turkish Baths Its Design and Construction E & F. N. Spon (London 1890) Read at the Open Library and Internet Archive
Ashe, Geoffrey The Tale of the Tub Newman Neame (London 1950)
Ashpitel, Arthur and Whichcord, John Observations on Baths and Wash-houses Pamphlet (London 1851)
Aslet, Clive Can Derby’s Turkish Baths Steam On Country Life 170 p1475 (20 Oct, 1981)
Association of Baths Superintendents Rough Minute Book From 6th December 1920 to 10th March 1922 ARCHIVE Baths Superintendents Association Rough Minute Book
Ayris, Chris HUNG OUT TO DRY Swimming and British Culture (Nov 2009) ARCHIVE

Baly, Price Pritchard Baths and Wash-houses for the Labouring Classes Report of engineer to the Committee for Promoting the Establishment of Baths and Wash-houses for the Labouring Classes, London (Wilson 1852)
Bartholomew, Charles The Turkish Bath in Health, Sickness, Convalescence, etc. With a portrait Marshall Bros (1887)
Batstone, Sarah Anne Katherine Health and Recreation : issues in the development of bathing and swimming, circa 1800-1970, with special reference to Birmingham and Thetford, Norfolk. March 2000
Bell, J A Treatise on Baths Barrington (Philadelphia 1850)
Berclouw, Marja PhD A Prosaic but Useful Service: Bathhouses and Washhouses, an Idea Whose Time Had Come, 2000 The Victorian Web
Billups, Barbara Crewe Swimming Baths: an architectural and social history  Printed by Johnsons (Nantwich  1984)
Binney, Marcus. Laing, Hana & Alastair Taking the Plunge – The Architecture of Bathing Save Britain’s Heritage (May 1982)
Bird, Polly Making a Splash!: History of Dulwich Baths Spencer Mills (1 Jul 1993)
Bird, Polly The Origins of Victorian Public Baths with Special Reference to Dulwich Baths The Local Historian Volume 25 No3 p142-152 (August 1995) ARCHIVE The Polly Bird Origins of Victorian Public Baths, with special reference to Dulwich Baths
Boog Watson W. N. Early Baths and Bagnios in Edinburgh The Book of the Old Edinburgh Club Vol 34 page 57 – 67 Old Edinburgh Club ARCHIVE W.-N.-Boog-Watson-Early-Baths-And-Bagnios-In-Edinburgh
British Spa Federation The Spas of Britain – The Official Handbook of the British Spa Federation (Undated)

Campbell, Agnes (B.A.) Report on Public Baths and Wash-Houses in the United Kingdom The Carnegie United Kingdom Trust (Edinburgh 1918) ARCHIVE  Read and at the  Internet Archive
Campbell, Douglas M. B.Sc. Masters Thesis on Scottish Swimming Baths 1868 – 1914 (Edinburgh Heriot-Watt University September 1993) submitted for degree of M.Sc. in Architectural Conservation Edinburgh Research Archive
Cape, George A Jnr Baths and Wash-houses (London 1854)
Capper, John The Turkish or Hot-Air Bath, with Directions for Its Use (London 1865)
Coley, Frederic Collins The Turkish Bath: its history and uses
Coley, Frederick C The Turkish Bath (London 1887)
Cosgrove, John Joseph Design of the Turkish bath Standard Sanitary Mfg. Co (Pitsburgh USA 1913) Read at the Internet Archive
Cross, Alfred W. S.  (M.A., F.R.I.B.A.)  Public Baths and Wash Houses A Treatise on Their Planning, Design, Arrangement, and Fitting B. T. Batsford (London 1906) ARCHIVE
Cross, Kenneth M. B. (M.A., FRIBA) Modern Public Baths Issued by the Amateur Swimming Association Simpkin Marshall, Limited (London 1938) ARCHIVE Modern Public Baths Kenneth M B Cross 1938
County Borough of Walsall Public Baths (West Midlands Press Ltd) County Borough of Walsall Baths Department Public Baths
County of London Public Baths and Washhouses and Libraries 1898 Internet Archive
Cunningham, John Handbook of London past and present John Murray (1849) Read at Google Books

Davenport, John A. Baths Management (Organisation and Management) The National Association of Bath Superintendents (incorporated) (London 1948) ARCHIVE
Davenport, John A. Planning and Design of Covered Baths Part 1 Service Planning Davenport (Liverpool 1946) ARCHIVE
Davenport, John A. Planning and Design of Covered Baths Part 2 Design and Equipment  Davenport (Liverpool 1947) ARCHIVE
Davenport, John A. The Economics of Baths & Washhouses Design Littlebury (Liverpool 1922) ARCHIVE
Davenport, John A. Water Circulation in the Swimming Pond Part 1 Normal Parallel Circulation Davenport (Liverpool 1948) ARCHIVE
Dawes, John Design and Planning of Swimming Pools Architectural Press (London 1979) ARCHIVE
de Main, Helen Editor United We Will Swim – 100 Years of Govanhill Baths (Lutha Press Ltd in association with Govanhill Baths Community Trust Edinburgh 2015)
Dobie, John Kitty Wilkinson – a civic myth? Institute of Sport and Recreation Management  (Baths Service Feb – May 1972) Kitty Wilkinson – A Civic Myth | Baths and Wash Houses Historical Archive
Dudgeon, Robert Ellis 1820-1904 The Swimming Baths of London (1870) Royal College of Surgeons of England Internet Archive

Eden, Mary The Philosophy of The Bath published in The Saturday Book Ed John Hadfield Hutchinson & Company (Publishers) Ltd (1959)
Ellison, Peter & Howe, Paulette Talk of the Wash-House (A Picton Press (Liverpool) Publication 1997)
Este, Michael Lambton 1779 – 1864 Remarks on baths: water, swimming, shampooing, heat, cold and vapour baths (London 1812) Internet Archive

Fleming, John Arnold North Parish Washing-Green Society North Parish Washing-Green Society; Rev. ed edition (1972)

Gerhard, William Paul 1854 – 1927 The Sanitation of Bath Houses William T. Comstock Co (New York 1922) Read at the Open Library and at the Internet Archive
Gerhardt, William. Paul (CE) Modern Baths and Bath Houses Wiley & Sons (New York 1908) and/or Stanhope Press (Boston 1908) Read at the Open Library and at the Internet Archive
Gibson, III, Edward H Baths and Washhouses in the English Public Health Agitation, 1839-48 Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences Vol. 9 No. 4 (October 1954), pp. 391-406
Gilmour, Jamie H.C.(Ed) One Hundred Years of the Warrender Baths Club Warrender Baths Club (1990)
Glasgow Corporation Baths and Wash Houses Annual Reports 1900 to 1961 ARCHIVE
Gordon, Ian Dr & Inglis, Simon Great Lengths: The Historic Indoor Swimming pools of Britain English Heritage (Feb 2009) ARCHIVE

Havins, Neville J The Spas of England Robert Hale & Company(London 1976)
Holt, Ann Steaming: the true story New Society p432-3 (17 March 1983)
Hussey, Stan East Street Baths a brief history Barking S. Hussey (1986)

Illustrated London News 24th April 1858 shows a picture of a ‘Moorish Bath’ and gives a traveller’s description.
Institute of Baths Management (incorporated) Students Manual No.5 Baths Administration ARCHIVE

Keil, Ian & Wix, Don In the Swim: Amateur Swimming Association from 1869 to 1994 Swimming Times Publications (1996)
Kelly, Michael The Life and Times of Kitty Wilkinson Liver Press (2000)

Lackey, Robert M The Turkish bath: Its history, description and uses, in health and disease J.M. Lackey (1870)
Larkin, Charles M.R.C.S.L Lecture on Baths and Washhouses: addressed at the request of the worshipful the mayor and corporation, to the inhabitants of Gateshead 1856 Internet Archive
Liverpool Corporation Health Committee A description of the baths & wash-houses belonging to the Corporation of Liverpool: Accompanied by plans of the baths and wash-houses in Paul Street (1846)
Longbottom, Betty Victorian Attitudes towards Cleanliness and Dirt: Baths and Wash Houses in Bradford and Leeds 1860 – 1914 Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of M. A. Social and Cultural History School of Cultural Studies Leeds Metropolitan University (September 2005) ARCHIVE Victorian Attitudes Towards Cleanliness and Dirt: Baths and Wash Houses in Bradford and Leeds 1860 – 1914
Love, Christopher A Social History of Swimming in England 1800 – 1918: Splashing in the Serpentine (Sport in a Global Society) Routledge (London 2007) Read a review at Reviews in History Full Text Google Books

Manchester City Council City of Manchester, Centenary Exhibition, Baths and Wash-Houses Department Manchester City Council (1938)
Mann W.M. 1876 The Baths The Story of The Western Baths, Hillhead, From 1876 to 1990 The Western Baths Club
Moth, J The City of Birmingham Baths Department 1851-1951 Birmingham City Council (1951) City of Birmingham Baths Department 1851 – 1951
Mullett, Charles F Public Baths and health in England, 16th-18th century The Johns Hopkins Press (Baltimore 1946)
Municipal Journal & Public Works Engineer Editor Public Baths and Wash Houses – Finance, Construction, Filtration & Lighting; Some Recent Notable Examples (13th May 1932) ARCHIVE Public Baths Wash Houses The Municipal Journal & Public Works Engineer May 13 1932

N.A.B.S. (INC) National Association of Baths Superintendents Modern Baths and Laundries (1961) ARCHIVE
Nottingham Public Baths Department Nottingham Baths and Swimming Pools. The official handbook, etc. With illustrations

Penstone, J K Headmistress Sarson High School Melton Mowbray Waterfield Swimming Bath Melton Mowbray (1975) ARCHIVE Waterfield Swimming Bath Melton Mowbray
Payne, E Harding Suggestions on the general arrangements, structure, and equipment of public swimming baths and bathing places Southern Counties Amateur Swimming Association (1912)
Prichard, Bally Price . Engineer to the Committee Baths And Wash -Houses For The Labouring Classes Committee For General Purposes (London Effingham Wilson: Royal Exchange 1852) Internet Archive

Rathbone, Winifred R The Life of Kitty Wilkinson, a Lancashire Heroine Henry Young (Liverpool 1910)
Rathbone, Herbert R (Editor) Memoir of Kitty Wilkinson of Liverpool 1786-1860. With short account of Thomas Wilkinson, her husband, H Young & Sons (Liverpool 1927)
Reynolds, R Cleanliness and Godliness Allen & Unwin (1943)
Robb, Steven The Public Wash Houses of Edinburgh Book of the Old Edinburgh Club New Series Vol. 10 (2014) pp. 127-150 Steven Robb The Public Wash Houses of Edinburgh
Rook, Tony Roman Baths in Britain Shire Archaeology (April 2002)

Sally Sheard BA PhD Profit is a dirty word: The development of public baths and wash-houses in Britain, 1847-1915, Social History of Medicine vol. 13 (2000), pp. 63-85. Analyses the development of these facilities, using a good deal of Liverpool evidence Abstract
Scott, George Ryley F.Z.S., F.R.A.I., F.Ph.S.(Eng.) The Story of Baths and Bathing T. Werner Laurie (London 1939) ARCHIVE
Shifrin, Malcolm Victorian Turkish Baths Historic England 2015 ARCHIVE
Sinclair, A. & Henry, W The Badminton Library – Swimming Longmans, Green & Co (1893)
Smith, Janet Liquid Assets (Played in Britain) Malavan Media (July 2005)

Teasdale, Albert (M.N.A.B.S.) A Summarised Record of the Provision and Development of Public Baths & Wash Houses, with Special Reference to Manchester unpublished work presented to the Chairman and Members of the Baths & Wash Houses Committee  (October, 1945) ARCHIVE Albert Teasdale Manchester
Thacker, Alf 50 Years in Baths Published in Baths Service Vol.27 No.12 December 1968 p268 to 270. ARCHIVE 50 Year in Baths
The Leisure Hour A family Journal of Instruction and Recreation no.486 April 18, 1861
The Leisure Hour A family Journal of Instruction and Recreation no.501 The Turkish Bath August 1, 1861
The Macclesfield Courier and Herald A Walk Through The Public Institutions of Macclesfield The Baths And Washhouses p103 – 110 Claye, Brown and Claye Printers (1888) ARCHIVE Macclesfield The Baths & Washhouses
The Municipal Journal & Public Works Engineer Public Baths and Wash Houses p629-640 (May 13 1932) ARCHIVE Public Baths & Wash Houses MJ&PWE May 13 1932
Thomas, Ralph Another Turkish Bath Swimming Sampson Low, Marston & Company (1904)
Thomson, William A. R., M.D. Spas That Heal Adam & Charles Black (London 1978)
Times 29 December 1983 p5 How I Took The Plunge in Paddington
Trollope, Anthony The Turkish Bath published in Mary Gresley and other stories by Anthony Trollope The Folio Society (1951)

Urquhart, David Manual of the Turkish bath: Heat, a mode of cure and a source of strength for men and animals Editor Sir John Fife John Churchill and Sons (1865) Read at the Open Library and at the Internet Archive
Urquhart, David The Turkish Bath: With a view to its introduction into the British dominions Patrick & Co (1856)

van Leewen, Thomas A. P The Springboard in the Pool: An Intimate History of the Swimming Pool MIT Press (1999)

Williams, Marilyn Thornton Washing the “Great Unwashed”: Public Baths in Urban America Ohio State University Press (1991)
Williams, Prue Victoria Baths: Manchester’s Water Palace Spire Books Limited (2004)
Worsley, Frances The Public Washhouse in Manchester 1850 – 1980, and its importance for Working Class Women 2000 unpublished ARCHIVE Frances M Worsley Dissertation April 2000
Wright, Lawrence M.A., B.Arch., A.R.I.B.A. Clean and Decent: The Fascinating History of the Bathroom and the Water Closet Routledge (1960) ARCHIVE

Yegul, Fikret Baths and Bathing in Classical Antiquity Architectural History Foundation Books (August 1992)

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  1. Elizabeth Graham says:

    I did a PhD on 18th c. baths, some of which were Turkish or swimming baths. The citation is ‘Pleasure and Utility: Domestic Bathrooms in Britain, 1660–1815’, University of Edinburgh, 2013. Susan Kellerman has also published on 18th c. baths.

  2. France's worsley says:

    An addition to the archive:-

    The Public Washhouse in Manchester 1850-1980, and its Importance for Working Class Women.

    Unpublished MA thesis in 2000, copies in MMU library and Manchester Central Library.

  3. […] imagine a current Guidebook to London pointing out bathing facilities? (Archive on public baths here.) And did you know that there was a tax on soap,  only repealed in 1853?! The Baths are no more, […]

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