Conference Papers – The Institute of Sport and Recreation Management 1994 to 1999


Allen, Neil. Profit or People
McPherson, Alistair. Leisure Futures Ltd Profit or People Developing Sport Through CCT
Gosselin, Chantal A. BA.Hons.CIM. Fitness Development Consultant, Reebok UK The Exercise Association: A New Governing Body?
Berg, Michelle van den. Marketing Manager, Leisure Newcastle Reaching Your Target Market
Jones, Bernie. Sport & Leisure Management Ltd Profit Frim Sports Development
Reeves, Robert. Director, Department of Sport, Exercise & Health Sciences, University of Bristol Child Health – A Cause for Concern and for Action
Osbourne, Mike. Chief Recreation Officer, Borough of Epson & Ewell and Tiefenbrunner, Friedrich. Prof University of Innsbruck, Department of Technological Hygiene Swimming Pools & Health (Paper not published in the conference report)
Flannigan, Mick. Senior Claims Controller, Zurich Municipal Accidental Health
Ambrose, Michael. Unit Leader for Sports, Fitness and Health, Kingsway College Training, Understanding & Video Tapes
Carpenter, David. Head of the National Lottery Planning Team, The Sports Council Tapping Into the National Lottery
Duff, Hugh. Sports Development Manager, Sheffield Recreation Department Sporting Elitism in the Community
Casey, Derek. Acting Director General, The Sports Council The Future Role of The Sports Council
Bishop-Bailey, Linda. Head of Leisure, Cotswold District Council What’s my Play
Taylor, Peter. Leisure Management Unit, Sheffield University Swimming in Decline
Bishop, Diane. Senior Lecturer Sports Development, Liverpool John Moore’s University Sports Development for You
Butler, David. The Sports Council Sports in a Violent Society
Collins, Phil. General Manager, Leisure Newcastle Total Quality Management in Sport and Leisure
Brivio, Paul. Recreation Development Manager, London Borough of Bromley Sports Development – The Need for Strategic Planning
Kerr, Michael. Partner, Touche Ross Externalise or Die – The Care for the Motion
Taylor, John Councillor Leader, Nottingham City Council Externalise of Die – The Case Against the Motion


Dickens, Andrew. Head of Leisure Services, Wyre Forest District Council Where Does Play Fit In?
Bush, Paul. Technical Director, Amateur Swimming Association Sports Development & Swimming Programmes
Havenhand, Martin. Chief Executive, Bassetlaw District Council Public, Private, Voluntary Partnerships in Local Government
Deane, Andrée. Chair, Exercise Association Fit To Run Fitness
Jones, Huw. Dr Director of Policy and Planning, Sports Council for Wales Optimum Use of School Sports Facilities
Campbell, Sue. Director, Youth Sports Trust Youth Sports Trust
Bottomley, Roger. Managing Director, City Centre Leisure (Holdings) Ltd. SPRITO: The Industry Organisation for Sport, Recreation, Playwork, Outdoor Education and Development Training, Fitness and Exercise
Carr, Carolyn. National Officer, Womens Sports Foundation What is the Role and Position of Women in Sport?
Swallow, Jonathan. Association of Direct Labour Organisations (ADLO), Principal Consultant, Competition Advice CCT:  Where are we now?
Randall, Simon. Lawrence Graham. Gould, Jerry. Touche Ross and Heslegrave, Ian. Touch Ross. Is There a Role for Charitable Trusts as an Effective Mechanism for Delivering Quality in Sport & Recreation?
Simmonds, Brigid. Chief Executive, Business in Sport and Leisure Partnership Funding – The Issues and Options
Penny, Phil. Dr The Pool Environment – A Healthy Option or a Health Risk?
Sugden, John. Dr University of Ulster Sport and Recreation in Northern Ireland
Taylor, Peter. Leisure Management Unit, Sheffield University Passport to Leisure Schemes – Do They Have a Future Role to Play?
Roddy, Ged. Director of Sports Development, University of Bath Successful Event Organisation
Doubleday, Richard. Technical Director, CCPR The National Lottery, six months on – is Sport a Winner?


Gratton, Chris. Professor Director, Leisure Industries Research Centre, Sheffield Hallam University The Right Way Forward? An Analysis of the British Academy of Sport Initiative
Peetoom, Mieke. Kompan b.v. Holland Playgrounds – A Re-Emerging Provision for Play
Heinitz, Chris. Cllr. Chair of the Association of Metropolitan Authorities, Leisure and Tourism Committee Of Pyramids and Pendulums
Morby, David. Community Recreation Manager, Kirklees MC Community Development, Crime and Sport
Ebben, Andrew. Safety Officer, Birmingham City Council and Franks, Jill. Assistant Director, Watford B. C. New Focus for Pool Lifeguard Qualification
Grant, David. Sport & Recreation Manager, Kirklees MC Spending Shortfall for Sport – Alternative Sources
Wells, Howard. Chief Executive, UK Sports Council Atlanta – Where Next?
Cooke, Geoff. OBE. Chief Executive, National Coaching Foundation Coaching: Key to Success
Jenkinson, Neil. Leisure Development Manager, Kirklees MC What Cost Development
Johnson, Glen. Facility Manager, Tadcaster Community Swimming Pool Volunteer Support Active in Sport
Payne, David. Head of Facilities Development, Sports Council Creating the Infrastructure of Sport
Graham, Malcolm. Partner, Graham Lambert: Robinson Architects Face Lift or a Fresh Start?
Fletcher, Paul. Former Chief Executive, McAlpine Stadium, Huddersfield Stadia – The Good, The Bad & The Future
Wilson, Ian. Partner, FaulknerBrowns A Vision for the Future
McConnell, Eddie. Head of Youth Sport, Scottish Sports Council Total Sports Development- Communities of Sport
Robinson, John. Leisure Contract Services Manager, Peterborough CC The Formative Role of Play
Campbell, Sue. MBE. Director, Youth Sports Trust Young People & Sport
Black, Ken. Youth Sports Trust Taking Part in Sport – Equality for Disabled Children
Edwards, Phyl. Sports Fair National Manager Sports Fair
Wood, Steve. Management Consultant, QLM Ltd. The Quest for Service
Wileman, John. Assistant contracts Manager, Nottingham CC Making I.T. Work For you
Stocks, Brian. Deputy Director for Sport National Indoor Arena Britain’s Sporting Shop Window
Green, Duncan. Director, Client Support Division, Pulse Fitness PLC. Sell Like Hell and Keep in Heaven


McKenzie, Ian. Head of Facilities Design Team, Scottish Sports Council Hooper, Ian Head of Forward Planning, Parks and Recreation Department, Glasgow City Council & Kelt, Eimar. Design Team Leader, Property Services Department, Glasgow City Council Integrated Sports Buildings
Nicholson, Ron.
Facilities Manager, Leisure Newcastle Rewards and Recognition
Power, Marie.
Head of Safety Policy Division, Health & Safety Executive The Management of Health and Safety in Swimming Pools – a Preview
Gillingham, Kirsten. Competition Advisory service, CIPFA Are We Getting Best Value
Franks, Jill. Sports & Leisure Consultant &  McSaul, Geraldine. Municipal Mutual – Risk Assessor Sunbeds and Skin Cancer – A Heated Debate
Elvin, Ian T. Director of Sport, University of Nottingham Managing Sports Centres in Europe
Moreland, Roger. Director, British Academy of Sport Project, UK Sports Council British Academy of Sport – A World Class Future
Nichols, Alan Director of Physical Recreation & Sports Studies, University of Stirling & Evangelisti, Wendy. Sports Development Officer, Centre for PE and Sports development, Stirling University Sport for an Aging Population
Jenkinson, Neil. Leisure Development Manager, Kirklees MBC Measure for Measure
Simpson, Judy. Honorary President – Womens Sports Federation, Sporting Ambassador, English Sports Council, Cacchioli, Anita. Chair of the Institute of Sport and Recreation Management Equal Opportunities Forum, Chief Leisure Officer, London Borough of Redbridge & Fletcher, Lorraine. Director of Social Policy for Equal Opportunities Commission Single Sex Sports Sessions – The Debate
Doubleday, Richard. Technical Director 9Marketing) CCPR & Clark, Chris. Director of National Development, Lawn Tennis Association Governing Bodies and Local Authorities Strategic Harmony
Green, Duncan. Director, Client Support Division, Pulse Fitness plc. Gym’ll Fix It
Blamey, Avril. Health Promotion Programme Manager, Greater Glasgow Health Board & Mutrie, Nanette Dr. Senior Lecturer, Centre for Exercise, Sports Medicine and Science, University of Glasgow Active For Life – A Scottish Perspective
Braye, Stuart. Regional Development Officer, Disabled People in Sports, University of Durham BCODP National Council Sports Provision for Disabled People – Falling Short of Expectations
Fox, Kenneth R. PhD Reader in Exercise and Public Health, University of Exeter Fit Not Fat – The Role of the School in the Promotion of Children’s Physical Activity
Campbell, Sue. Chief Executive, Youth Sports Trust & Grainger, Steve. Assistant Chief Executive, Youth Sports Trust Trust Youth Sport
Sutcliffe, Robin. Managing Director, Sutcliffe Leisure Play Safe
Broadbridge, Ian. Sporting Ambassadors Scheme Manager, Department for Education and Employment The Sporting Ambassadors Scheme
Collins, Phil. Leisure Director, Hertsmere Borough Council & Taylor, Peter. Professor Director of Leisure Management Unit, Sheffield University Swimming Participation – Down and Out or on the Up?
Talbot, Margarete. Professor Leeds Metropolitan University Young People, Healthy Nation?
Dickens, Andrew. Head of Leisure services, Wyre Forest District Council & Moss, Lynn. Play and Childcare Trainer, Lynn Moss & Associates Playing for Real
Collin, Kristen. National Co-ordinator, Scottish Sports Council Start Young Stay Active


Pendry, Tom. MP Chairman of the All Party Sports Group The Value of Sport to Government
Osmanski, Tony.
Assistant Director of Planning and Leisure (Leisure & Tourism), Suffolk Coastal District Council Good, Better, Best Value
Sandel, Bonnie B. Dr International Applications Manager, Olin Corporation Water Quality Guidelines and Standards in the United States
Elphick, Andy.
Chairman, Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group Swimming Pool Water Treatment and Quality Standards
Page, Ben.
Director, Local Government Unit, MORI Using Research to Manage
Morby, David.
Community Recreation Manager, Kirklees MBC & Starr, Simon. Assistant Director of Leisure, Broxtowe BC Communication in Communities
Tungatt, Malcolm.
BSc., M.Phill. Researcher, English Sports Council The Role of Sport in the Social Lives of young People
Stevens, John.
Chief Executive, National Coaching Foundation The Role of Coaching in The Value Equation
Grainger, Steve.
Acting Chief Executive, Youth Sports Trust Developing Value
Plowright, Linda.
Sport and Recreation Manager, Cherwell DC Wileman, John. Assistant Head of Facilities, Nottingham CC & Hackett, Paul. Chief Executive, Top Lodge Leisure Value in Training
Brown, Peter.
Exercise and Health Research Unit, University of Bristol From Fitness to Wellness
Riddoch, Chris.
Registrar of the Health & Fitness Register Child Health And Exercise
Craig, Andrew. Dr.
Values in Health & Exercise – The Health & Fitness Register
Fisher, Killian.
Leisure Manager, L.B. Hammersmith & Fulham Values in Health & Exercise – An Operational Perspective
Swanson, John.
Head of Operations (Recreational Services) Glasgow City Council Values in Health & Exercise – Health & Fitness in Glasgow
Nicholl, Liz.
Chief Executive, All England Netball Association The Value of Partnerships with Governing Bodies
Whelan, Julie.
Acting Assistant Chief Executive, Youth Sports Trust Study Support and Sport
Wood, Steve.
Technical Co-ordinator of ‘QUEST’ QLM Ltd Wicked Issues in Best Value – Benchmarking
Thompson, Geoff.
Principal Consultant, CIPFA Advisory Service Wicked issues in Best Value – Equity
Werry, Will.
Head of Best Value, City Contracting Services, Sunderland Wicked Issues in Best Value – Costing and Competition
Fisher, Christine.
Managing Director, Greenwich Leisure Ltd. Wicked Issues in Best Value – Human Resources and Qualifications
Sesnan, Mark.
Trusts as a Vehicle for Best Value
Collins, Michael F.
& Kennett, Christopher. Institute for Sport and Leisure Policy, Loughborough University Passport Schemes
Havenhand, Martin S.
Chief Executive, Bassetlaw District Council The Future of Sport in Local Authorities
Morgan, Dan.
Centre for Sport & Leisure Management, Bolton Institute Youth Crime and Sport
Price, Peter. Cllr
Chair, Regeneration & Partnership, Sheffield City Council New Sports Facilities as the Catalyst for Urban Regeneration
Casey, Derek.
Chief Executive, English Sports Council Public, Private and Voluntary Partnerships


Craig, Sandy. Principal Consultant, Leisure Futures Ltd. Local Cultural Strategies and Best Value
Gough, Trevor.
Chief Leisure and Llifelong Learning Officer, Cardiff County Council Social Inclusion and Sport – A Consortium
Graham, Malcolm.
Graham Lambert Robinson, Architects Making the Most of It
Borrow, Jill.
Development Manager, Sport England. Wood, Steve. Management Consultant, QLM Ltd. & Kelsey, Bruce. Sports Development Manager, Lincolnshire CC. Quest Standards in Sports Development
Scott, Alison.
Health, Dance and Activity Development Manager, Kirklees metropolitan Council Sports Can Change Lives
Devin, Tom.
Director, FES Water Technology Leading Edge Technology
Houlihan, Barrie.
Professor of Sport Policy, Loughborough University The Changing Environment of Sport and Recreation Management
Sutcliffe, Mark.
Managing Director, Strategic Leisure Ltd. ISRM Strategy for the Millennium
Grainger, Steve.
Managing Director, youth Sports Trust & Youlden, Philippa. Kids’ Clubs Network Childcare Revolution – What Place for Sport and Recreation Providers?
Wardle, Mike.
Business Development Director, Sport and Leisure Management Ltd. Partnerships in Leisure
Wileman, John.
Head of Leisure, Nottingham CC & Nicks, Ian. Proprietor, Swimming Pool Advisory Services Spas Uncovered
Stoner, Bill.
Partner, FaulknerBrowns Architects Global Influences on Sports Buildings
Liggins, Lisa.
National Projects Officer, Youth Sports Trust SportS Parent
Bush, Paul.
Chief Executive, Scottish Swimming These Sporting Nations
Grant, David.
Leisure Development Manager, Kirklees MC. & Keighley, Sam.  Young People & Sports Development Manager, Kirklees MC. Primary Assets
Charlton, Val.
Senior Sports Officer, Derbyshire CC. & Bradley, Steve. Head of Sport, Nottinghamshire CC. Sports Development – Changing Times and New Solutions
Butler, David.
Sport England Lottery Appraisal – Contentious Design Issues
Nichols, Geoff.
Leisure Management Division, Sheffield University Management School Sports Programmes and Crime Prevention
Fryer, Lindsey
. Head of Education and Visitor Programmes, The Tate Gallery, Liverpool All Our Futures: Creativity, Culture and Education
Barron, Robin.
Assistant Director Sport & Venues, Manchester 2002 Ltd. Running the Games
Johnson, Jim.
Lecturer in Engineering services, Liverpool Community College Sustainable Sports and Agenda 21
Tungatt, Malcolm.
B.Sc., M.Phil. Monitoring and Planning Manager, People Team, Sport England The ‘Active’ Programmes
Lawton, John.
Director of Education, Amateur Swimming Association Ensuring a Future for Swimming
Sparrow, Kate.
Chair of the Canadian National Benefits Network and Superintendent of Marketing, Calgary Parks and Recreation, Canada A Benefits Based Approach to Parks and Recreation
Hobday, Anna.
Birmingham Leisure Point & Gibbons, Alan. Medtronic, Physio-Control Save a Sporting Life
McFahn, Matthew.
National Development Manager, Squash Rackets Association Making a Sporting Life
Nichols, Alan.
Director, University Sports Centre, University of Stirling Sport for an Ageing Population

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