Conference Papers – The Institute of Sports and Recreation Management 1994 to


Allen, Neil. Profit or People
McPherson, Alistair. Leisure Futures Ltd Profit or People Developing Sport Through CCT
Gosselin, Chantal A. BA.Hons.CIM. Fitness Development Consultant, Reebok UK The Exercise Association: A New Governing Body?
Berg, Michelle van den. Marketing Manager, Leisure Newcastle Reaching Your Target Market
Jones, Bernie. Sport & Leisure Management Ltd Profit Frim Sports Development
Reeves, Robert. Director, Department of Sport, Exercise & Health Sciences, University of Bristol Child Health – A Cause for Concern and for Action

Osbourne, Mike. Chief Recreation Officer, Borough of Epson & Ewell and Tiefenbrunner, Friedrich. Prof University of Innsbruck, Department of Technological Hygiene Swimming Pools & Health (Paper not published in the conference report)
Flannigan, Mick. Senior Claims Controller, Zurich Municipal Accidental Health
Ambrose, Michael. Unit Leader for Sports, Fitness and Health, Kingsway College Training, Understanding & Video Tapes
Carpenter, David. Head of the National Lottery Planning Team, The Sports Council Tapping Into the National Lottery
Duff, Hugh. Sports Development Manager, Sheffield Recreation Department Sporting Elitism in the Community
Casey, Derek. Acting Director General, The Sports Council The Future Role of The Sports Council
Bishop-Bailey, Linda. Head of Leisure, Cotswold District Council What’s my Play
Taylor, Peter. Leisure Management Unit, Sheffield University Swimming in Decline
Bishop, Diane. Senior Lecturer Sports Development, Liverpool John Moore’s University Sports Development for You
Butler, David. The Sports Council Sports in a Violent Society
Collins, Phil. General Manager, Leisure Newcastle Total Quality Management in Sport and Leisure
Brivio, Paul. Recreation Development Manager, London Borough of Bromley Sports Development – The Need for Strategic Planning
Kerr, Michael. Partner, Touche Ross Externalise or Die – The Care for the Motion
Taylor, John Councillor Leader, Nottingham City Council Externalise of Die – The Case Against the Motion

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