Conference Papers – The Institute of Baths Management 1962 to 1980


Hollingworth, John H. M.Inst.B.M. General Manager of the Public Baths Department, Blackpool The Case “For” and “Against” International Baths
Francis, Hugh. M.Inst.B.M. General Manager Baths and Wash-Houses Department Nottingham The Finance of New Baths
Clewlow, G. B.Sc. and Watkins, J. I. M.A. from Wallace & Tiernan Limited Water Purification and Residual Chlorine Measurement
Sell, Clive L. M.A. Security Auto Box Company Limited Control of Bathers’ Clothes and Valuables


Miles, Stanley Surgeon Captain M.D., M.Sc., D.T.M. & H., R.N. Director of Medical research, Royal Naval Medical College, Gosport Water Safety
Hitchin, H.T. M.Inst.B.M., D.P.A., A.I.P.H.E. General Manager of the City of Manchester Baths and Wash-Houses Department Baths Design and the Future of the Baths Service
Murray, M. V. B.Sc.(Eng)., A.Inst.F. Chief Fuel Efficiency Technologist, W. M. Cory & son Ltd., Fuel Efficiency – At a Price
Malpass, J. F. B.Sc., A.R.I.C. The Possibilities of Bromination in Swimming Bath Water
Edwards, J. C. Bastian and Allen Ltd., Method and Costs of Heating Swimming Pools


Annett, J. F. A.M.I.Mech.E. Director and Manager of Metafiltration Co. Ltd. Modern Pre-Coat Filtration
Jones, Emlyn. Director of the Crystal Palace National Recreation Centre, Central Council of Physical Recreation Crystal Palace National Recreation Centre
Sarkanen, A. of the Finnish Consul in Birmingham Sauna Bath
Kendrick, A. R. Kyle, Stewart Packaged Pool
Pennington, H. A.I.O.B., M.R.S.H. Director of Walter Holme & Sons Limited Swimming Pool – Package Deal
Keer, H. B.Sc. Industrial Soaps Limited An outline of Detergency
Bryant, Vera Mrs. Water Safety Organiser, Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents The Baths Service and the National Water Safety Campaign
Savage, R. I. M.S.I.A., Dip.T.P., A.R.I.B.A The Architect’s Viewpoint on Public Bathing Establishments


Orner, W. Director of Contemporary Industries (Engineering) Ltd., Equipment for the Swimming Pool (Hygiene, Welfare and Recreation)
Maddock, R.S. Technical Sales Representative, Pilkington’s Tiles Limited Ceramic Finishes in Public Baths
Hitchin, H. T. M.Inst.B.M., D.P.A., A.I.P.H.E. General Manager City of Manchester Baths and Wash-Houses Department Swimming and Recreation – The Case for Combination and Regional Planning
Ashton, R. A. M.Inst.B.M. Director of the City of Leeds Baths and Wash-Houses Department The Planning of the Smaller Public Bathing Establishment to Meet Essential Requirements
Bradbury, Ronald. Ph.D., M.Arch., F.R.I.B.A., A.M.T.P.I. City Architect of Liverpool Indoor Lidos for Leisure and Pleasure – A New Concept


Williamson, A. M.I.C.E., M.I.Struct.E. Recreation Centres – Their Design, Construction and Costs
Molyneaux, D. S. M.A. Deputy Director of the National Sports Council Planning Indoor Sports Centres
Francis, Hugh. F.inst.B.M. General Manager City of Nottingham Baths Department Local Authorities and Swimming Clubs
Black, A.P. Professor and Kinman, R. N. Dr. of the University of Florida Iodine for the Disinfection of Swimming Pool Water
Taberner, A. A. Liverpool Corporation Work Study Department Work Study and Incentive Bonus Schemes in Public Baths and Laundries
Greenlees, K.R. Assoc.Inst.PlantE. The Hydrotherapy and Therapeutic Pool Within the Concept of the Municipal Pool


Allinson, Brian. M.Inst.B.M. Baths Manager, City of Cambridge A New Swimming Pool – Getting it off the Ground
Hoffman, Robert M. President, Hoffman Publications, Florida, United States of America American Baths Management
Lusher, Peter E. B.E.M., M.Inst.B.M., A.M.I.E.C., A.R.S.H. Baths General Manager, London Borough of Haringey Indoor Recreational Centres and Their Integration into Baths Service
Guttmann, Ludwig. Sir. C.B.E., M.D., F.R.C.P., F.R.C.S. Director National Spinal Injuries Centre, Stoke Mandeville, Hon. Doctor of Surgery University of Durham, Professor Emeritus Faculty of Medicine, University of Cologne, Germany Water Therapy and Water Sport for the Physically Handicapped with Special Reference to the Paralysed
Elphick, Andrew. B.Sc. Assistant Chief Chemist, Wallace & Tiernan Limited The Use of Ozone in Swimming Pool Environment


Hitchin, H. T. M.Inst.B.M., D.P.S., A.I.P.H. General Manager, Baths & Laundries Department Manchester City Council Planning for Leisure
Wallis, A. P. L. F.A.P.H.I., M.I.P.H.A. County Public Health Inspector, West Sussex County Council School Swimming Pools – An Environmental Health Problem
Savidge, R. Dip.Arch., Dopl.T.P., M.S.I.A., F.R.I.B.A. Partner, Messrs. Gelsthorpe and Savidge, Chartered Architects The Perfect Swimming Pool
Wileman, F. H. J. O.B.E., LL.B., F.C.C.S. Barrister-at-Law, Secretary General, Corporation of Secretaries Administration and its Future
Kinnear, A. D. Former Senior National Technical Officer, Amateur Swimming Association Programming a Public Swimming Facility – The Power and the Glory


Perrin, G. A. A.R.I.B.A., Dip.T.P., A.M.T.P.I. An Associate of the Institute of Baths Management Head of the Joint Polytechnic/National Playing Fields Association Research Group Trends in Recreation Centre Development
Jeffery, D.L.C. An Associate of the Institute of Baths Management, Head of the Recreation Studies Unity, University of Technology, Loughborough Management & Design in Recreation
Skinner, W. E. D. F.C.I.S. Chief Executive, The Automatic Vending Association of Britain Automatic Vending in the Baths & Recreational Service
Niblett, G. P. M.A., A.I.M.T.A. Assistant City Treasurer, City of Coventry Decimal Currency
Hardman, J. H. General Manager, Public Works Department, City of Haarlem, Holland The Adjustable Swimming Pool Floor
Lindley, T. F.Inst.B.M. General Manager of the Baths Department, London Borough of Richmond upon Thames An Indoor/Outdoor Pool Complex


Bott, G. G. D.P.E. Director of the Forum, Billingham The Forum – Recreation Management in Practice
Pickering, R. J. Recreation Planning and Management Consultant and former Adviser to the Lee Valley regional Park Authority Fundamental Aspects of Leisure in the 70’s
MacGregor, P. M. M.Inst.B.M. General Manager, Coventry Baths Department The Use of Public Facilities
Murgatroyd, J. H. President, English Schools’ Swimming Association The Use of Public Facilities
Keighley, E. W. President Amateur Swimming Association The Use of Public Facilities
Jones, P. de. C. Brigadier, O.B.E., Director and Secretary, Royal Life Saving Society The Use of Public Facilities
Lyons, K. C. S.T.A.Dip., M.Inst.B.M. Past President Swimming Teachers Association The Use of Public Facilities
West, B. Recreation Managers’ Association The Use of Public Facilities
Vallintine, R. L. Director, British Sub Aqua Club The Use of Public Facilities
McMillan, J. Honorary Secretary, Association of Swimming Therapy The Use of Public Facilities
Lusher, P. E. B.E.M., M.Inst.B.M. General Manager, Baths and Recreation Department, London Borough of Haringey The Use of Public Facilities
Dudley, Lofts. MA., D.P.A. Director of Local Government Training Board Training in Local Government
Purchas, B. B.Sc., Dip.Chem.Eng., C.Eng., M.I.Chem.E. Consultant Engineer The Theory of Filtration – Far and Wide
Lusher, E. E. M.Inst.B.M., M.R.I.P.H.H., M.R.S.H. Baths Manager and Engineer, London Borough of Bromley


Fabian, D. Dr. Vice-President, International Aquatic Board Convertible Swimming Pools Including the Use of Retractable Roofs
Gransoser, E. Heer. Consulting Engineer from Hanover New Aspects of Design of Water Engineering
March, John. C.B.E., D.Sc., F.B.I.M. Director General, British Institute of Management Modern Management – Its international and National Significance
Cartwright, N. C. M.Inst.F.Chief Fuel Technologist, National Coal Board Fuels in the Seventies – National Coal Board
Milan, J. H. C.Eng., F.I.Gas.E. Fuels in the Seventies – Gas Council
Braham, G. S. C.Eng., A.M.Inst.F., M.I.H.V.E., A.M.Inst.R., A.M.B.I.M. and Hughes, L. L. C.Eng., M.I.E.E., M.A.S.E.E. An Associate of the Institute of Baths Management and a Technical Officer for the Electricity Council Fuels in the Seventies – Electricity Council
Mould, C. C.Eng., A.Inst.F., M.I.Plant.E. Fuels in the Seventies – Shell-Mex and B.P. Ltd
Lawrence, Ronald. F.C.F.A., M.H.C.I., M.M.G.I. Senior Catering Advisor, GKN Sankey Ltd., Automatic Vending Division Automatic Catering in the Seventies


Sargent, P. Dip.Arch., A.R.I.B.A., A.M.I.B.M. Leisure Development Unit, Gillinson Barnett & Partners, Leeds and Catliff, T. I. Managing Director, Leisure Managements Ltd., York Leisure Pools
Walter, Felix. F.R.I.B.A. The Design of Swimming Pool and Sports Halls for the Disabled
Gelsthorpe, John. F.R.I.B.A. and Savidge, Rex. Dip. Arch., Dipl.T.P., M.S.T.A., F.R.I,.B.A. Partners, Messrs, Gelsthorpe and Savidge, Chartered Architects Water Recreation in the East Midlands
Newton, A. B.Sc. Pilkington Brothers Ltd., St. Helens, Lancs Glass in Swimming Pools
Sarsfield, N. W. M.C. Secretary, Amateur Swimming Association The Swimming Scene
Hitchin, H. T. F.Inst.B.M., D.P.A., M.Inst.R.M., A.M.B.I.M. General Manager, Baths and Laundries Department, Manchester Corporation; Greenlees, K. R. L.M.R.S.H. Partner Houghton Greenlees & Associates, Consulting Engineers and Hardinge, P. Chief Sales Executive, The Biwater Group of Companies Swimming Pool Water Collection and Distribution Systems
Bryant, Vera Mrs. Water Safety Organiser, RoSPA. Learn to Swim 1972 Campaign
Stern, Robert Dr. Ph.D. President and Director of Research of Great Lakes Biochemical Co. Inc. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. The American Approach to Water Chemistry and Its Relationship to Swimming Pool Maintenance


Jeffrey, J. A. D.L.C., A.Inst.B.M. Joint Director, Post Graduate Course in Recreation Management, Loughborough University of Technology: Director of Loughborough Recreation Planning Consultants Design and Management of Aquatic Facilities
Black, J. F.Inst.B.M., A.R.S.H., M.Inst.R.M. General Manager, Royal Commonwealth Pool, Edinburgh and Asskew, Eric J. Partner, Messrs. Eric Askew & Partners, Chartered Architects and Planning Consultants Swimming Pool Design and Planning Responsibility of Clients for Briefing
Winter, J. N. M.Inst.B.M.Dip., M.Inst.R.M. Deputy General Manager, Baths and Laundries Department, Manchester Changing Room Accommodation in a Recreation Establishment
Bland, R. D. B.Sc.(Eng)., C.Eng., F.I.Mech.E., F.Inst.B.M., M.Inst.F. (Liverpool) The Baths Manager and the Engineering Services
Lusher, E. E. F.Inst.B.M., M.Inst.R.M., M.R.I.P.H.H., M.R.S.H. Baths Manager and Engineer, London Borough of Bromley Pool Water Treatment – Practical Aspects
Brenton, R. P. M.Inst.B.M., M.Inst.R.M. (Sheffied) Management by Objectives and the Baths Manager
Barnes, B. J. M.Inst.B.M. Director of Leisure Services, Wirrall Metropolitan District Council It’s All Happening in Baths – Indoor Recreation
Cruickshank, F. F.Inst.B.M., M.I.Plant.E. General Manager, Blackpool It’s All Happening in Baths – Remedial Baths
MacGregor, P. M. F.Inst.B.M. Director, Department of Recreation, Coventry Recreation and Coaching – the Coventry Scheme
Rushton, N. G. F.Inst.B.M., M.I.E.C., M.Inst.R.M. General Manager, Baths and Entertainments Department, Derby It’s All Happening in Baths – Municipal Entertainment
Thomason, E. B. M.Inst.B.M., M.Inst.R.M., M.C.E.O.A. Director of Recreation, Dartford Rural District Council It’s All Happening in Baths – Catering Within a Baths Establishment by Means of Vending Machines
Riddle, D. W. Solicitor-Co-ordinator Watford It’s All Happening in Baths – The Legal Aspect
Smith, G. M.Inst.B.M.Dip. Baths Manager, Swimming Baths and Entertainments Centre, Douglass, Isle of Man The Conduct and Reactions of People in Public Places During an Emergency
Littlewood, Harry. B.Sc., Diploma in P.E. Principal Officer (Facilities) The Sports Council, London Sport for All


Barnes, B. J. M.Inst.B.M.Dip., M.Inst.R.M. Director of Leisure Services, Wirral Metropolitan District Council The Inauguration and Development of a Leisure Services Department
Elkington, Hellen. Lecturer in Swimming at Bedford College of Physical Education Swimming for the Disabled
Hitchin, H. T. F.inst.B.M., D.P.A., M.Inst.R.M., A.M.B.I.M. Director, Recreation Buildings Advisory Service The Management and Cost Consequences of the Design of Recreation Buildings
Humphrey, W. H. T.Eng.(CEI), F.I.P.H.E., M.R.S.H. Water Treatment Consultant Water (With Reference to Swimming Pools)
Reed, P. Detective Chief inspector, Co-ordinator, Crime Prevention Department, Lancashire Constabulary Crime Prevention at the Swimming Pool
Sargent, P. Dip. Arch., A.R.I.B.A. Leisure Development Unit, Gillinson Barnett & Partners, Leeds Leisure Pools Old and New
van Wieringen, IR. D. M. Managing Director of the Baths and Interior Cleaning and Maintenance Department, City of Amsterdam, the Netherlands Swimming Pools in Amsterdam


Sowerby, T. W. I.P.F.A., F.C.A., F.R.V.A., D.P.A. Borough Treasurer, London Borough of Bromley Leisure and its Financing
Braham, G. D. C.Eng., A.InstF., M.I.H.V.E., A.M.Inst.R., A.M.B.I.M. The Electricity Council Conservation and Management of Energy
Semple, Andrew B. Professor C.B.E., V.R.D., F.F.C.M., M.D., D.P.H.; Hitchen. H. T. F.Inst.B.M., D.P.A., M.Inst.,.R.M., A.M.B.I.M.; Kosky, Jonathan. L.L.B. Health and Fitness
Palin, A. T. O.B.E., B.Sc., Ph.D., F.R.I.C., F.I.W.E.S. Chief Chemist, Newcastle and Gateshead Water Company Chemical Aspects and Analytical Control of Pool water Treatment
Atkinson, C. Technical Officer, British Paraplegic Sports Association for the Disabled FILMS: “Not Just a Spectator”
Gorbing, R. Dip.Arch.(Hons.), F.R.I.B.A., F.R.T.P.I. A.Inst.B.M. Leonard Vincent, Raymond Gorbing and Partrners The Design of Leisure Buildings – Understanding the Architects Role
Chadwick, R. A. M.A., D.M.A., M.I.L.G.A. Senior Lecturer in Local Government Studies, Middlesex Polytechnic Public Sector Management Centre Improving Management Performance


Best, D. G. B.Ed., D.M.S., M.Inst.B.M.Dip., M.R.M.A. Warwick D.C. and Offord, M. J. M.I.T.O. Sandwell M.B.C. Local Authorities’ Participation in Management Training Schemes
Mood, E. W. Professor M.P.H., LL.D., P.E. Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.A. Standards for the Design, Construction & Management of Swimming Pools in the U.S.A.
Morris, D. N. C.Eng., M.I.Mech.E., F.C.I.B.S., M.R.S.H. London Borough of Bromley Plugging Energy Gaps in an Indoor Swimming Pool
Lusher, E. E. Institute of Baths Management Representative on the Department of Environment Sub-Committee on Pool Water Disinfection; Palin, A. T. O.B.E. Ph.D., F.R.I.C., F.I.W.E.S. Honorary Chemist of the Institute of Baths Management and Saunier, B. M. Dr. M.Sc., Ph.D. Reenes, France Pool Water Disinfection – Discussion Panel
Stocks, D. M.I.M.S.O., M.I.I.S.O., M.I.T.O., Dip.S.M. City of Bradford M.C. The Health and Safety at Work etc., Act 1974
Moss, A. B. B.Sc.: Pearson, J. B.Tech. and Read, M. A.Cantab, Research and Development Division, British Gas Energy Conservation in Gas Heated Swimming Pools
Moroney, Bill. Councillor London Borough of Islington The Roles of the Politician and The Professional in The Policy Making Process


No Current Records


Winter, J. N. M.Inst.B.M.Dip., M.Inst.R.M., Chief Recreation and Amenities Officer, Sandwell M.B.C The Business of Recreation Management
Roddie, M.
F.Inst.B.M., M.Inst.R.M. City Baths Manager, Birmingham M.D.C. The Training and Development of Staff
Shave, R. R. J.
C.Eng., M.I.Mech., F.I.H.V.E., M.A.S.H.R.A.E. Gravell, J. Dip.Arch.(Dunelm) & Builds, D. R.I.B.A. Building Design Partnership Ltd. The Design and Energy Conservation Measures for a Leisure Centre
Campling, M. R. B.Sc. Bromine and Chemicals Ltd., London. Bromine and Bromination of Swimming Pools
Malpas, J. F.
B.Sc., C.Chem., F.R.I.C., F.I.W.E.S. Wallace and Tiernan Ltd. Tonbridge. New Developments in the Use of Sodium Hypochlorite for Swimming Pool Treatment
Richmond, D. M.
B.Sc., A.R.C.S.T. Barr and Wray Ltd. Glasgow Ozonisation of Swimming Pool Water
Marks, C. E.
C.Chem., M.R.I.C., M.I.W.E.S. Chlor-Chem Ltd. Cambridge Chloroicyanurate Compounds in Swimming Pool Treatment
Jones, Emlyn
. M.B.E. Director, The Sports Council The Pursuit of Excellence in Sport
Semple, A. B.
Professor C.B.E., V.R.D., F.F.C.M., M.D., D.P.H. Professor Emeritus, University of Liverpool Infections Attributed to Swimming Pools
Galbraith, N. S.
M.R.C.P., F.F.C.M. Director, Communicable Disease Surveillance Centre, London Infections Associated with Swimming Pools
Gentles, J. C.
B.Sc., Ph.D. Department of Dermatology – Medical Mycology, University of Glasgow Infections Attributable With Swimming Pools – Athlete’s Foot
Kosky, J. A.
LL.B. Borough Solicitor, L.B. Hillingdon Local Authorities’ Legal Responsibility for Outbreak Infection


No Current Records


Sargent, P. Dip.Arch., R.I.B.A. Partner, Peter Sargent and Mark Portiriadis Reflections on the Design of the First Generation of Leisure Centres
Oxford, K. G. Q.P.M., F.B.I.M. Chief Constable, Merseyside Police Vandalism in the Public Sector
Coulson, P. LL.B. Legal Consultant and Editor of “Recreation Today” Legal Aspects of Recreation Provision – If It’s Legal – Go Ahead
Greene, Partner Greene, Belfield-Smith & Co., and Belfield-Smith, J. F.H.C.I.M.A. Partner Greene, Belfield-Smith & Co., Leisure Centre Catering in the 80’s
Jonas, P. J. Head of Energy Conservation Technology Branch, Department of Energy Energy Conservation
Semple, A. B. Professor C.B.E., V.R.D., M.C., Emeritus Professor University of Liverpool, Honorary Medical Advisor to the Institute of Baths Management Fit Feet – A Modern Revue of Foot infections
Brooks, J. C. J.P., M.Inst.B.R.Dip., M.Inst.R.M City of Nottingham The Practice and Application of Methods of Swimming Pool Disinfection Other Than by Gaseous Chlorine
Hime, A. W. M.Inst.B.R.M.Dip. London Borough of Barnet Elemental Liquid Bromine
Maple, T. J. M.Inst.B.M.Dip., M.Inst.R.M., M.B.I.M. London Borough of Ealing Chloroisanurates, Bromine and Salt Electrolyser
McNaair, D. E. M.Inst.B.R.M.Dip. London Borough of Merton Sodium Hypochlorite
Walker, T. J. M.Inst.B.R.M.Dip. Peterborough C.C. Chloroicyanurate Granules
Wright, A. V. F.Inst.B.R.M. London Borough of Islington Di-Halo
Smith, Hamilton H. Sports Officer, Reading B.C., Chief Coach Reading Swimming Club The Role and Effect of Elitism in Encouraging Participation in Sport and Recreation and the Importance of Local Authority Input Into Sporting Facility Provision


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