L F James

L F James

L F James
President Association of Bath Superintendents 1948-49

L. F James, known generally as `Jimmy` James, started his career at Bristol, but it was as the man in charge at Hackney for 22 years that he is more widely known. He was Honorary Secretary of the Institute for 17 years having previously been Honorary Secretary of the Southern Branch from 1937 to 1947 and its President in 1943.

Under the powerful leadership of its new Secretary the Associations affairs blossomed in a manner which did credit to Mr James and his Organisation. ‘Jimmy’ made no secret of the fact that he wanted to secure for the Association sufficient funds to allow it to set up its own offices with its own paid staff. This objective was achieved, although unfortunately he did not live to see it accomplished.

All of his main achievements could not possibly be described here, but there is no doubt that if the first group of members laid solid foundations, the second group, under the guidance of LFJ built a fine edifice upon them.

The L F James Award was instituted in 1965 to mark the outstanding service he gave to the Institute.

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One Response to “L F James”

  1. Victoria Liversidge says:

    Thank you for this information. My father Peter Liversidge 1949 – 2017 won this award in 1979 and it has provided me with some insight.

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