Judy Goldsmith

Judy Goldsmith is a near neighbour of the Victorian Jacobs Wells Baths in Bristol. As a member of Jacobs Wells Community Hub she has campaigned to save and bring recognition to the building and its location. Her research at Bristol Archives in the past year has unearthed a wealth of original plans and more for this and other historic Bristol swimming baths, warm baths and washhouses all available and waiting for others to research. Jacobs Wells Baths is in an area of historic springs from which it was fed and a current Heritage Lottery Grant for community research into the area means her internet based History of Jacobs Wells Baths on this site is a live project, subject to expansion before any printed version is produced. The baths are due to be refurbished and reopen.  She would happily share information with anyone researching other Bristol baths locations, contact judyjwrhub@gmail.com.

Bristol – Jacobs Wells Baths | Baths and Wash Houses Historical Archive

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