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Professional Organisations

Historic Pools of Britain

Swimmers Guide by Bill Haverland

Hung Out To Dry Swimming and British Culture The History of Wild Swimming

Municipal Dreams  is an excellent Blog that celebrates the efforts and achievements of our early municipal reformers.

Lost Lidos – Dive into Lost Lidos Recording the wonder of the Lost Lidos

Campaign to save Govanhill Baths

Moseley Road Baths Balsall Heath Birmingham

Friends of Moseley Road Pool Birmingham

Campaign to save Victoria Baths Nottingham

Victoria Baths Manchester

La Piscine – André Diligent Art and Industrial Museum (The Swimming Pool – André Diligent Art and Industrial Museum)

Baths and Wash House Establishments that have Archives

Victoria Baths Link to Archive page. About our Archive :: Victoria Baths

Contact details: Barry Johnson

Govanhill Baths Link Archive page Archive – Govanhill Baths

Contact Details: Paula Larkin

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