Automatic Shower Control

Automatic Shower Control

Gummer Patent

The automatic shower control manufactured by Messrs. Gummers, Ltd., of Rotherham, when used for pre-cleansing showers, is a series of sprays or showers in a corridor with a sunken footbath (through which a bather must pass to enter a swimming pool) operated by breaking a beam of light focussed on to a photo-electric cell.

The bather breaks this beam of light when he enters the corridor; the sprays thereby are immediately operated for a period of time which can be varied according to the setting of the apparatus, after which they automatically shut off. The bather has not to handle any fittings whatever, and the spray is definitely automatic.

A special feature is that, should a second or third bather enter the corridor before the showers have shut off, the apparatus automatically resets itself to run for the full period of time from the last bather entering the corridor.

Advantages claimed by the firm for their patent automatic,, shower control are : Saves 30 to 50 per cent of water, dispenses with attendant, compels every bather to take a shower bath, and absolutely foolproof and shockproof. A working demonstration apparatus can be seen at the works of Messrs. Gummers, who also manufacture bath filling valves, mixing valves, showers, stainless hand rails, needle spray bath, hydro therapeutic equip­ment, thermostatic blenders, and everything for public baths and swimming pools.

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