Material has been made available relating to the development of Baths & Wash Houses in Edinburgh by the following;

The Public Wash Houses of Edinburgh Steven Robb (Book of Old Edinburgh Club New Series Vol.10 2014 pp.127-150)

Steven Robb The Public Wash Houses of Edinburgh

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One Response to “Edinburgh”

  1. Jan Cameron says:

    I am trying to write a book describing my mothers family which is an extraordinary story. As part of this I need some information on the Steamie. I think it would have been Leith. my father worked in the steamie sometime around the 30s or 40s I think. his name was Jimmy Donaldson. I would love to be able to talk to someone about the steamie at this era as back ground for my book. I suspect my mother and father might have met there ? would this be possible ?
    best wishes
    Jan Cameron

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