Manchester – Bradford Baths

Bradford Baths Manchester (1)








Bradford Baths Manchester (2)









Bradford Baths Manchester Public Wash Bath










Bradford Baths Modernised Public Wash House with 16 Machines September 1981




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2 Responses to “Manchester – Bradford Baths”

  1. Carl Evans says:

    Thank you for this excellent contribution. It’s great to know that there are people out there that remembers these places.

  2. Susan Bradley Roberts says:

    Washday was a busy day Mam would rush home from her full time work as a shirt machinist and set off right away pushing the pram full of washing from Cowper Street (next to Christ Church),then along Barmouth Street to the Wash House. The washing had already been sorted into three big bundles: machine wash, hand wash and boil wash. In the wash house she would set up at ‘her sink’ and get on with the washing. At the appointed time the male attendant would call her to the boil-wash vat and all our whites were emptied into it and boiled for a timed period. At the end of that time all Mam’s washing had been finished so everything was then transferred to a massive ” whizzer”… a spin drier to you and me. Then came the drying, a wall of tall metal doors. When these doors were pulled away from the wall you could see that long rows of metal bars were attached and went horizontally into and behind the wall. At the very back you could see a furnace. When the clothes were hung onto the racks and the door closed again the drying process began and Mam could gather all of her bits and bobs together. The clothes and sheets in the furnace were dry in no time. On wash night it was my job to make the meal and Mam would arrive home, eat and then, because the week’s washing was dry, she would set about doing the ironing. It was a long, long, day for our superhero.

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