Manchester – Mayfield Baths

Mayfield Baths Manchester Opened 1856








Mayfield Baths Manchester 2nd Class Swimming Bath








Mayfield Baths Manchester 2nd Class swimming Bath









Mayfield Baths Public Wash House









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One Response to “Manchester – Mayfield Baths”

  1. Edward Gill says:

    I am now 88 years of age and remember well my mother doing the family washing at Mayfield Wash-house in the 1930s; I also learned to swim at the Mayfield Swimming Pool. We lived nearby on Tipping Street, a long straight street running from Downing Street to the Fairfield railway arches. It was another world when most families like ours suffered from a deep poverty of the purse – but not of the mind. In those days, we were truly all in it together. Yes, we were poor – very poor, but I think we were enriched by the experience.

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