Manchester – Mayfield Baths

Mayfield Baths Manchester Opened 1856








Mayfield Baths Manchester 2nd Class Swimming Bath








Mayfield Baths Manchester 2nd Class swimming Bath









Mayfield Baths Public Wash House









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11 Responses to “Manchester – Mayfield Baths”

  1. Alan James Godson says:

    My memories are of Gorton baths and washhouse next to Bellevue. There were also what we called wash baths where you could get s hot bath. The architecture was identical to that at Mayfield. The attendants were Tom in second class and Marie in first and mixed bathing.

  2. Matthew Baines says:

    This is fascinating to me. My great great grandfather William Bain died of bronchitus, aged 27, on Bond Street, which is just next to this bathhouse. His occupation was india rubber worker. So I am in no doubt that he used these public baths. Amazing!

  3. Submitting second image as seems can only submit one at a time

  4. Hi all

    Interesting to see your memories of this fascinating building.

    I’m attaching two images – one showing the location of Mayfield Baths on a 1927 map and the other the current aerial view with the original site of the building marked, showing the car park referred to by Phil
    The 1927 map shows Tipping Street which is no longer there, built over by the Mancunian Way, and Nether Street which is still there. Boardman Street and Stove Street are now renamed Baring Street.
    I will take a look next time I am there to see if any sign of the Baths remain.

  5. Edward Gill says:

    I am now 88 years of age and remember well my mother doing the family washing at Mayfield Wash-house in the 1930s; I also learned to swim at the Mayfield Swimming Pool. We lived nearby on Tipping Street, a long straight street running from Downing Street to the Fairfield railway arches. It was another world when most families like ours suffered from a deep poverty of the purse – but not of the mind. In those days, we were truly all in it together. Yes, we were poor – very poor, but I think we were enriched by the experience.

    • Julie Climpson says:

      Dear Edward
      I came across your post when trying to find out more about an image I’d seen for Mayfield baths. Some of my maternal ancestors were born and lived in the Mayfield area. Were the baths on London Road? They look very grand.
      Hope you see my post and look forward to hearing from you.

      • Phil Hamblet says:

        Hi Julie,

        The baths appeared to be in between what is now Baring Street and Nether Street. The site is now just a car park, but some remains of the baths foundations may still exist underneath. The OS co-ordinates are 385028 397559. Nearest postcode M1 2PY – the rear car park of Bottle Candle Co.

        • Julie Climpson says:

          Thank you for replying to my message. I can now picture where the building was.

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