Manchester – New Islington Baths

New Islington Baths Manchester








New Islington Baths Manchester Females Swimming Bath









New Islington Baths Manchester Entrance












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One Response to “Manchester – New Islington Baths”

  1. New Isinglington Baths Manchester.
    Memories !
    I lived in Ancoats from 1958 to 1968 and as a young boy went to New Isinglinton baths on many occasion. I learnt to swin at the baths not through lessons but following what my elder brother and his friends were doing. We would go to the baths at least twice a week and more often in the school holidays. Interesting to see the photos of the baths and while I remember the changing rooms either side of the poo, but can’t remember what we did with out belongings once we had changed.

    For any one who would have used the pool in the mid 50s to the early 60s will remember Polish Joe the pool side attendant. Famous for his reminder to all of washy washy before entering the pool.
    I think once you had swum a length of the pool unaided you were awarded a free pass to use the baths.

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