Middleton Baths

 We have still to compile full records of this establishment. Evidence suggest that there were two swimming baths built in Middleton.

The first opened in 1845 and is listed  in Agnes Campbell B.A. Report on Public Baths and Wash-Houses in the United Kingdom 1918 The Carnegie United Kingdom Trust, listed the establishment as follows;

One swimming Bath 60ft x 30ft

4 private wash baths

1 Vapour Bath

A second establishment known as ‘Fountain Street’ was built in 1940 and was opened by Queen Elizabeth ‘The Queen Mother’. The Mayor Alderman T J Hilton had laid Foundation Stone in May 1937.

The establishment was boarded over in the winter months and used for dances.

The building was demolished in 2009.

New Middleton Baths Post Card 1944

Middleton Baths with Bomb Protection

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  1. Hi Where were these baths located?

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