2 Responses to “York”

  1. Claire Watson says:

    My grandparents lived in York. I have very strong memories of swimming in an open air swimming pool in York. I can remember being able to see the name Roundtrees on a building near by. I can’t find a swimming pool on your site in York. Any ideas? 1960s/70s.

    I was pleased to find on your site Cleveland baths in Bathwick, Bath as I used to swim there to as my other grandparents lived in Bath.

    I lived in High Wycombe as a child so swan in the Rye pool. Now I live in Lewes so am very lucky to have our open air pool. I seem follow them around!

    • Stephen Rouse says:

      The out door swimming pool was in Rowntree Park. It was demolished.but photos do exist

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