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6 Responses to “Share Memories & Stories”

  1. Gwyneth Brock says:

    Hello, I have a 1974 photo of Altrincham Baths where I learned to swim, it was demolished, and memories of swimming at City of London University pool in the 1980s – which was used in the 1908 olympics & is now the site of a study centre – there’s a photo on the Uni website – let me know if you’d like these sending or posting.

    • Carl Evans says:

      Thank you for your post relating to 1974 photo of Altrincham Baths.

      I would be grateful if you are able to send over a copy of the image.

      If you have any information about the image and the history of the Baths that would also be helpful.

      The archive develops through people taking an interest in a particular location as and buildings so anything you are able to offer will be excellent.

      I have sent you a personal email also.

      Thank you and best wishes

      Carl Evans

  2. Nancy O'Kelley says:

    Hello…I purchased a watercolor about 40 years ago at an estate auction in Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA. It is very old. I never thought too much about it until recently. The artist wrote at the bottom left..Chartres Maison sur l’Eure. On the bottom right is his last name which could be spelled a couple of different ways. Anyway…my husband and I are thinking of going to Chartres to see if we can find where this painting was done. It is a house on the Eure…and in looking at a travel book I saw a picture of a washhouse and realized that this is what this painting is about. I am now researching washhouses and found your site. We are thinking of going to Chartres in August.

  3. isobel rushton says:

    I remember walking from school to Crewe Baths every Friday morning for our swimming lessons and being hurried back to school in a long crocodile of girls, who were cold and still wet from our swimming experience.
    Every year there was a school gala event with lots of shouting and excitment.
    Crewe baths always seemed very quaint with its Half Moon, junior pool and changing rooms poolside.
    Good memories although i wouldn’t be queuing to do it again

  4. Simon Allen says:

    Carl, Found the link to this website through the ISRM webpage forum. I carried out my Masters dissertation on Baths and Washouses in Cardiff and also with my dissertation tutor had an article published in the leisure studies journal. i would be more than happy to email you a copy if you would like to add it your site. Best Wishes Simon Allen MA BA(Hons) F InstSRM Hons

    • Carl Evans says:

      Hello Simon Thanks for your message. I would really welcome your contribution to the Archive. I have added a page for Cardiff to ‘Your Local Buildings’ in anticipation of your contribution. Looking forward to sharing your work with everyone. Best wishes Carl

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