Malcolm Shifrin inspired me to develop the Baths & Wash Houses Historical Archive as a consequence of seeing and enjoying his excellent research site VICTORIAN TURKISH BATHS: their origin, development, & gradual decline. A website for the exchange of information.

This has been a long standing project that is only now emerging in the form of this social history web site. I want to thank the following for their contributions to the collection of material and for the notes they have provided to inform the content.

Alan King F.Inst.SRM.Hons ISRM Wales Region

Alan Rankin (deceased) (The Hagley Bookshelf) for the continuous supply of books, photographs and references to the subject

Andrew B Semple

Christine Euler F.Inst.SRM ISRM Scotland Region

F. W. Fantom F.Inst.SRM.Ret Past President ISRM (Retired)

George Cottrell F.Inst.SRM.Ret Past President ISRM (Deceased)

George Cogswell F.Inst.SRM

Harry T Hitchin D.P.A.F. F.Inst.B.R.M. M.I.L.A.M. Past President ISRM (Deceased)

Hugh Francis F.Inst.B.R.M Past President ISRM (Deceased)

Ian McKnight M.Inst SRM ISRM Scotland Region

Ian Wright F.Inst.B.R.M Past President ISRM

John Dawes

John Hartley F.Inst.B.R.M Past President ISRM

John Trumbul

Kit Campbell Kit Campbell Associates

Lyn Telford F.Inst.SRM Hons ISRM Southern Branch

Noel Winter F.Inst.SRM Hons ISRM East Midlands Region (Deceased)

Phil Collins F.Inst.SRM Hons Past President ISRM East Region

Ralph Riley F.Inst.SRM Hons Former Chief Executive ISRM

Simon G.Allen F.Inst.SRM Hons ISRM Wales Region

W. F. Harris

W. J. D. Wilson

Wendy Riley ISRM Administration

Wilfred Archer F.Inst.B.R.M Past President ISRM (Retired)

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3 Responses to “Acknowledgements”

  1. I remember the photos in the wall cabinet there was a diver from Coatbridge and his photo was displayed.he was my husbands late uncle his name was George Matulevicze. Wonder if the photo is in the archives .

  2. Carl Evans says:

    Hi Val Thank you for sharing your memories if you have anything more you wish to add please go ahead. Carl

  3. Val jones says:

    Many a happy day where spent splashing around with my brother, whom sadley is no longer with us ,such great memories and fun times, it was were I learnt to swim. I will never forget going to get a hot cup of oxo and sip it in the changing lockers upstairs to warm up.1944

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