Birmingham – Victoria Road Baths

The following is taken directly from The City of Birmingham Baths Department 1851 – 1951. The work was written and compiled by J. Moth M.N.A.B.S Birmingham 1951 and is presented here.

Victoria Road Baths SketchErected by the Aston Local Board, the Victoria Road Baths were opened on the 5th October, 1892, and comprised First and Second Class Swimming Baths and First and Second Class Private Baths for Men and Women. In the First Class Bath there is a gallery which can accommodate several hundreds of spectators.

Victoria Road Baths Large PoolSo that the fullest possible use of the premises could be made all the year round, it was the custom to lay a floor over the First Class Swimming Baths during the winter months and gymnastic training was available.


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9 Responses to “Birmingham – Victoria Road Baths”

  1. Joyce Veres says:

    I remember going to the individual private baths there at Victoria Road Baths with my mum. We lived in a “slum” in Aston with no bathroom and only a cold water tap inside. The bath was huge to me as a little girl. It would be filled with hot water and then the tap would be screwed off so that no more could be added. I got a bath first and then waited outside the room while my mum had her bath.
    At home, I remember having a bath in a tin bath in front of the fire on a Sunday evening ready for school the next day. Also, my dad got a wooden beer barrel from the local Mitchels and Butlers brewery. It was put outside under the drainpipe and now and again I had a cold bath in this. Luxury eh?

  2. Micky newman says:

    Me and my brother Robert Newman lived in potters hill and would go on the weekend best times ever

  3. Karen Perry says:

    Thank you for this post. We emigrated to Australia in 1958 and my sister and I would go every Wednesday night for a swim with our fatherbringing home an ice ream for a special treat. I swam 1 mile in laps,oh what a happy place you have taken me.

  4. Brian Keegan says:

    I used to live as a kid right opposite the baths in Victoria Road from 1965 till 1970 good old days

  5. Margaret Armstrong says:

    I was a member of Aston Swimming Club in my teens (14 – 20 years. I now live in Australia and am a member of Australian Masters Swimming. I am now 87 but still compete in my age group. If I remember correctly the Aston Water Polo team nearly made it to the 1952 Olympics, missing out to Cheltenham.
    Those were the days. No line on the bottom, regulation bathing suits, caps must be worn. At a time when things were still in short supply or not obtainable at all.

    • Dawn bristoll says:

      Hi Margaret Armstrong

      My father was in the Aston swimming club william Dennis bristoll born 1937 he swan for Birmingham in those days at Aston pool do you remember him
      Dawn bristoll

      • Margaret Rose Armstrong says:

        I can’t say I remember your dad but it’s a long time ago. I am going to be 90 this year and still swimming (slower). but enjoying it just as much. I have so many wonderful memories of my time spent in Aston Swimming club. I did not swim for one whole year due to an illness, but returned as soon as I was allowed. Much to my grandmother’s disgust. She thought it was very unhealthy and did her utmost to prevent me from swimming. Regards Margaret Armstrong (nee Coles)

  6. GEORGE HARRIS says:

    My self and my childhood pal Albert Smith (we both lived in Denmark Street) used to go to the public baths of a Saturday in the late ’40’s early ’50’s – when did Victoria Baths close?

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