Sylvia Kölling

Sylvia Kölling is an independent researcher with links to the SpLeisH team at MMU Cheshire. Sylvia has an interest in public health provision in early Victorian Manchester. Sylvia has presented her research at a number of public talks. An English graduate, she came to History indirectly, through a passion for local history and a fascination with Manchester’s early baths and wash-houses which are at the intersection of public health provision, the municipal administrative and financial situation, and the history of civil engineering. Sylvia’s current research concerns the history of baths and wash-houses in Manchester.


Sylvia Kölling The Evils of Dirt and the Value of Cleanliness Manchester’s Early Baths and Wash-Houses

Manchester and Salford Baths and Laundries Company | Baths and Wash Houses Historical Archive

The Opening of Manchester’s First Public Baths and Wash-House in 1846 | Baths and Wash Houses Historical Archive

The Cassowary Project

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