Underwater Floodlighting at Rochdale and Crewe Swimming Baths

Underwater Floodlighting at Swimming Baths

The public swimming baths at Rochdale and Crewe, described and illustrated in our issues of July 1937 and January 1938 respectively, have been equipped with special underwater floodlighting supplied by The General Electric Co., Ltd.

Fourteen of these floodlights, equipped with 250 and 500 watt horizon type Osram lamps respectively, are installed in each bath.

This principle of lighting is extraordinarily effective in practice, for disturbance of the water, caused by the swimmers greatly enhances the refraction of light.

The floodlight fittings are of lead-coated mild steel plate and consist of a housing 18 in. long by 13 in. high, with a 4 in. focus back mirror and end mirrors. The general arrangement is as shown in the accompanying diagrams.

Both baths are 100, ft. long by 35 ft. wide and the floodlights are spaced approximately 17 ft. apart, the centre of each floodlight being located 2 ft. below water-level. They are mounted on a cement platform built in the wall of the bath, and arranged to swing round on hinged feet for cleaning and general maintenance.

At Crewe the underwater portholes, which are of rectangular shape with naval brass frame and gunmetal binding plate holding a 0.5in. armour plate glass bedded in rubber, were supplied by G.E.C. At Rochdale the portholes, which were built in by the structural contractors, have a framework of chromium plate.

Each establishment is municipally owned. The floodlighting installation at Rochdale was designed by the borough surveyor and architect, Mr. F. L Morgan, M.Inst.C.E:., and carried out by Messrs, H. Tattersall. Ltd., electrical contractors, Spotland Bridge. Rochdale.

At Rochdale baths there is a cafe which is illuminated by G.E.C. ceiling fittings. These are of chromium finish, the glassware consisting of a sandblasted disc with a clear margin and au opal cone. The G.E.C. also supplied the lighting fittings for the entrance foyer.

The overhead lighting at Crewe baths is carried out by mirror-lined reflectors of copper, specially designed by the G.E.C. These units each incorporate four 100 watt Osram lamps, which are controlled separately. Provision has been made so that at galas other displays coloured lamps can be introduced on dimmers.

The G.E.C. supplied the whole of the equipment for this installation. For side-walks around the bath, green Roanoid wall brackets, with green “Superflux” glass shades, have been installed, and other attractive lighting fittings are used in the café and entrance.

The installation was planned by Crewe borough engineer and surveyor, Mr. L. Reeves F.S.I., Assoc.M.Inst.C.E., and the electrical contractors were Messrs,. Broughton and Irlam Engineering Co., Manchester.

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