Burroughs Gardens Laundry

Burroughs Gardens Laundry by Peter WebsterSketch by Peter Webster

Peter found the drawing whilst rummaging through some long kept drawings and paintings. Peter did this pencil and ink sketch from memory either whilst or soon after he left the Baths Department in about 1966 or 67. Peter states;

‘I was asked to leave because I was useless in my position as a trainee swimming baths superintendent. Still, they were happy days working in the office in Fontenoy Street. The names I remember are Mr Bland, Mr Thatcher, Mr Tonks, Mr Griesdale and Rachael Singleton on the switchboard. I was also at Queens Drive Baths where Mr Turnbull was the Superintendent and Sid was an attendant and Billy was the boiler man.’ 

‘The only other establishment I worked in for any length of time was the Queens Drive Swimming Baths. Although my time in the (Head) office in Fontenoy Street was partly spent  by reading about the history of the Baths Department.’

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