Manchester – Victoria Baths

Victoria Baths Manchester Engine House Showing Plant to Artesian Well









Victoria Baths Manchester Washing Troughs









Victoria Baths Manchester Sun-Ray Bath

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2 Responses to “Manchester – Victoria Baths”

  1. Carl Evans says:

    Hi Gill Thanks for your comment. The Artesian well at Victoria Baths allowed water to rise the surface under pressure naturally. However the engine house arrangement provided for the water to be pumped to large iron storage tanks that were located on the roof of the building. This water was then stored until needed to refill the swimming pools.

  2. Gill Wright says:

    Hi. Although the top photo is marked by the council as showing an Artesian well, there was a pump to bring the water up. In an Artesian well the water comes up under its own pressure due to the height of the water table. So we think the council got it wrong.

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