Manchester’s Centenary Exhibition

During early May 1938 Manchester held a Centenary Exibition
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The following article apperaed in Baths and Bath Engineering May 1938 The Official Journal of the National Association of Bath Superintendents Editor: Jenkyn Griffiths, B.S.c., P.A.Inst.W.E.

Manchester’s Centenary Exhibition

At the beginning of this month an interesting Centenary Exhibition took place in the City Hall, Manchester. Every Municipal Department of the Corporation participated in the Exhibition which mostly contrasted the old with modern ways.

The Baths and Wash-Houses Department the General Superintendent of which is Mr. A. Teasdale. M.N.A.B.S., had sections on the Public Wash-house, and Swimming and Wash Bath, the exhibits in the former section includ­ing : Modern style-rotary wash machine, hydro extractor, mangling, porcelain washing trough for use with washing machine, washing stall com­plete with scrubbing board, footboard, bucket, lading can, etc., drying racks, ironing stove and irons, and ironing table; Old style-washing arrangements in the home. The Swimming and Wash Bath exhibits comprised: Model of swimming bath complete with filtering, aerating and chlorinating plant attached, a small working model of a mechanical filter showing inside rotating and washing gear, ball bearing centrifugal pump showing interior, chemical force injector pump, glass container fitted with filtering media showing the gelatinous alumina. filament to arrest bacteria, etc., chlorine gas injector, old type wash bath, new type wash bath and hair drying machine,; wall exhibition­ large scale plan showing panoramic view through a swimming bath, and coloured drawing showing section through and details of a modern swimming bath.

Messrs. Ricks, Sutcliffe and Bowden. Ltd., London, lent the drawing and models. Messrs. Worthington Simpson. Ltd.. Newark-on-Trent. the centrifugal pump, and Messrs. Stevens and Bullivant. the hair drying machine.

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