Salford – Seedley Baths

Seedley Baths were designed by Messrs. Mangnall and Littlewoods, Spring Gardens, Manchester, having won the competition for the scheme.

The building was opened in 1910 and contained:

Three large plunge‑baths
Men’s first Class 75ft x 30ft with Spectator Gallery
Men’s Second‑class 75ft x 30ft
Women’s 60ft x 25ft

Slipper Baths Men’s with Waiting Room
First Class 9
Second Class 12

Slipper baths Women’s with Waiting Room
First Class 3
Second Class 6

Men’s Vapour Bath
Women’s Vapour Bath

Seedley Baths

Extract from The Building News June 28, 1907


These baths have been gained in competition by Messrs. Mangnall and Littlewoods, and the scheme was passed by the Council, Wednesday, June 12. The Proposed baths are intended to simply Seedley, Weaste, and Hope Wards. The suite of baths contains three large plunge baths, men’s first and second class, and one for women. There is also provided a large number of slipper baths: nine first-class men’s, three first-class women’s; twelve second-class men’s, and six second-class women with the necessary waiting-rooms attached. Vapour baths will be provided to the first-class parts. Every effort has been made by the architects to bring the baths up to date in all particulars. The first-class bath, which it is proposed to use for gala performances, has a large gallery and is situated in an excellent position for affording exits and entrances. An arrangement has been made whereby the ladies, in addition to the men’s first and second class, have each their own separate vestibule hall, out of which each class enter to their own respective slipper and plunge baths. With one or two minor exceptions all parts of the baths used by the public are on the ground floor and the parts of the baths used by the staff are in the basement. The working parts of a bath are a most important matter, having due regard to the provision of hot and cold water for baths and cleaning purposes to all the slipper, plunge, and foot baths, lavatories, &c. , and a large boiler-house, pump-room, and laundry have been provided for this purpose. The elevations have been designed in the Renaissance style and would be faced with buff terracotta and red Accrington bricks. The estimated cost of the complete scheme is about £24,000.

Seedley Baths Building News 28 June 1907
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5 Responses to “Salford – Seedley Baths”

  1. Hazel Bolger says:

    I remember going to Seedly Baths with St Lukes School in 1950’s. The water was always freezing. I never did become a good swimmer. My sister Suzanne did and went on to teach swimming after she was married.

  2. Marjorie Musker / now Stewart says:

    Does any one out there remember me Marjorie Musker swimmer for Salford City club from 1954 until 1964

    • Linda Parton (née Renshaw) says:

      I lived at the baths from 1950 until 1956. My father was manager during those years. I was a member of the swimming club around 1959 – 60.

  3. James Leavers says:

    I worked a few shifts at the Baths. The majority of the bathers were in the cleansing area in shallow troughs filled with hot water. Occasionally a child would break and leap onto the pool.

    The water in the pool was heated by an inefficient direct feed, so the water was very cold.

    A pool attendant called Bestie seemed to be related to half the children in the building. She had a bee hive hairdo that required a constant spray of some toxic lacquer. At intervals she would break off from her knitting to indicate that the water on the troughs needed to be changed. This was usually when a scum had formed on the surface of the water. Long before that the children in the trough would shout for more hot water.

    • Simon says:

      I used to go there from st Luke’s school we would walk double file hand in hand. I found the rear areas of the baths really foreboding. And the cockroaches were everywhere. My mam sent me with a pair of purple and lilac bry nylon y fronts. I went home and said mam all the kids are saying I had undies on .she wouldn’t have it .then one day I got home from school and she had knitted me a new pair.. enough said. Lol

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