West Bromwich

The Public Baths were provided by the West Bromwich Improvement Commissioners as a cost of £9,750 and opened to the public in 1875.

Alterations were carried out in 1897-8, the first-class swimming bath being extended to 75ft in length, necessitating a rearrangement of the Lombard Street Entrance, at a  cost of £45,218. The Baths were reopened in August 1898.

In 1933, the boiler and laundry plants were no longer capable of carrying out their functions and the Baths and Estates Committee decided to have them replaced. The work was completed in 1934.

The building was modernised and extended and opened by Coun. A. Guest, Chairman of the Baths and Estates Committee, County Borough of West Bromwich in April 1938.

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  1. Dave Phillips says:

    I swam in the bath as a child. I miss them now

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