Conference Papers – The Institute of Baths and Recreation Management 1981 to 1993


Barnett, C. H. M.A., B.Arch., F.R.I.B.A., Dip.CD,. F.R.T.P.I. Consultant Architect and Planner, Techno Sunley Leisure Limited A Life of Leisure in the Eighties
Winter, J. Noel.
M.Inst.B.R.M.Dip., M.Inst.R.M. Director of Recreation and Amenities, Sandwell MBC, Honorary Treasurer of the Institute of Baths and Recreation Management Making the Most of Resources
Roddie, M. F.Inst.B.R.M., F.Inst.R.M., M.B.I.M. City Baths and Leisure Centres Manager, City of Birmingham and Miller, M. L.I.O.B. Senior Builders Surveyor, City Engineers Department, Birmingham Old Pool? – Save It And Modernise
Braham, G. D. C.Eng., M.Inst.E., M.C.I.B.S., M.Inst.R., M.B.I.M. Assistant Energy Sales Manager, The Electricity Council, London The Energy Factor
O’Flynn, M. T. Director, British Sports Association for the Disabled, Stoke Mandeville Physical Recreation and Disabled People
Noble, A. G. A.C.I.I., F.H.C.I.M.A., F.B.I.M. Development Director, Sports and Leisure Foods Ltd. Development of Catering in Recreation in the Eighties
Nicholas, V. B.A.(Oxon) Business Development Manager, Four Square Catering and Vending Division of Mars ltd. Slough The Dual Appeal of Vending – Increase Your income and Reduce Your Costs
Sarsfield, N. W. Councillor O.B.E., M.C. Chairman, Estates and Recreation Committee, Charnwood District Council, Loughborough The Provision of Swimming and Physical Recreation Facilities


Cottrell, George. M.Inst.B.R.M.Dip Training Officer, Leisure Services Department, Wirral MBC The Local Government Recreation Service – its Future or Its Failure
Balmforth, N. Director, Children and Youth Department, National Playing Fields Association Play For All Seasons
King, Sylvia and Woodhouse, Cynthia Jubilee Theatre and Community Arts, Sandwell, West Midlands Community Arts
Brenton, R. P. M.Inst.B.R.M.(Dip) Director of Recreation and Leisure, City of Newcastle-upon-Tyne Community Recreation in the Urban Context – The Constraints, The Potential
Sorsky, M. B.Eng., M.B.C.S., F.S.S. Deputy Head, Department of Management Studies, Liverpool Polytechnic Information Technology: Its Effect on Managers
Burgess, C. K. B.Tech. and Pearson, J. B.Tech. British Gas Corporation, Research and development Division, Midlands Research Station Cost Effective Energy Conservation For Indoor Swimming Pools
Rosset M. Olin Europe SA, Paris, France Current Legislation and Controls and Future Trends in the Chemical Treatment of Public Swimming Pools in France
Heder, K. Sweden Trends in the Chemical Treatment of Public Pools in Sweden
Harpe, von T. Dr West Germany Current Legislation and Controls and Future Trends in the Chemical Treatment of Public Swimming Pools in West Germany
Fitzjohn, M. B.A. Research and Planning Unit, The Sports Council The Community – The Next Ten Years – Swimming Pools


Howell, Denis. H. The Rt. Hon., M.P. P.C. Official Opening of the Conference Sport as a Social Service
Tee, W. H.
Chief Executive and Town Clerk, Reading Borough Council Surrender of Progress
Wilson, J. W. E. Director, Information and Advisory Services, British institute of Management Management Development and Training The Social; and Technological Challenges – Problems of Opportunities?
Hepworth, N. P. O.B.E., I.P.F.A., D.P.A. Director, Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy Charging for Leisure
Cox, P. Managing Director, APS Technical Services Ltd. Introduction – Wet and Wild or Damp and Dull – An Exploration of the Present and Future Swimming Pools
McCallum, I. Chairman, Association of District Council, Sports Council The Political Realities – Wet and Wild or Damp and Dull – An Exploration of the Present and Future Swimming Pools
Morley, P. Phillips and Drew Funding – Wet and Wild or Damp and Dull – An Exploration of the Present and Future Swimming Pools
Miller, S. Dip.Arch., R.I.B.A. Principal, Stuart Miller Associates Leisure Centres – A New Approach – Wet and Wild or Damp and Dull – An Exploration of the Present and Future Swimming Pools
Greensless, K. R. Dip.Eng. Consulting Engineer Distribution Systems in Leisure Pools – Wet and Wild or Damp and Dull – An Exploration of the Present and Future Swimming Pools
Rupp, C. H. Dipl.Ing. Technical Director, Chemie Und Filter Gmbh, Germany Water and Air Quality Control in Leisure Pools – Wet and Wild or Damp and Dull – An Exploration of the Present and Future Swimming Pools
Thomson, I. Dr. University of Stirling Ideologies, Leisure, Recreation and Sport
Johnson, I. G. Director, Videoscan Ltd Video Application in Leisure and Recreation Centres
Price, T. T. Manager, Small Heath Leisure Centre, City of Birmingham The Lord Mayor’s Youth Games A Sporting Opportunity for the People of Birmingham


Tyrrell, R. J. Director, Social Futures Group, The Henley Centre for Forecasting Leisure Trends Into the 1990’s
Hughes, M. Dr. and Murphy, W. Dr. Department of Sport and Recreation Studies, Liverpool Polytechnic Recreation Provision and the Community Enhancement or Disenfranchisement
Medhurst, Joe. Director of Physical Education, The University of Lancaster The Economics of Lancaster University’s Public Use Swimming Pool
Stoner, W. F.
B.Arch. R.I.B.A. Faulkner-Brown Hendy Watkinson Stoner – Architects Designing for Tomorrow’s Leisure Today
Bland, Hamilton, Practical Design Features of the Swimming Pool From a User’s Point of View
Price, P. Councillor. Sheffield Metropolitan District Council A Radical Approach to Recreation and Leisure
Wheeler, Robert L. M.Inst.B.R.M.Dip. Leisure Centre Manager, Handsworth Leisure Centre, City of Birmingham Pay and Play and Pay and Pray


Sach, K. H. Director and Chief Commonwealth Secretary of the Royal Life Saving Society Lifesaving, Lifeguarding, Leisure and the Law
Butler, David J. Dip.Arch(Birm) Architect, Technical Unit for Sport, Sports Council, Aspects of Leisure Pool Design and Planning
Simpson, Norman. Dip.LD., A.L.I., F.B.I.M., F.R.I.B.A. Principal Gelsthorpe Savidge & Simpson, Nottingham Specialist Pools
Studd, S. J. B.A. Development Officer, Sports Development Unit, The Sports Council Sports Council SASH – The Principle and the Reality – Value for Money
Kitchingham, W. J. F.I.P.M. Assistant Director, Central Training and Recreational Division,  Local Government Training Board, Luton The Development of Managers
McCordall, B. W. HM Senior Principal Inspector of Factories, Local Government and Entertainment Services, National Industry Group, Health and Safety Executive, Preston  Supervision, Training and Systems of Work, Compliance With the Health and Safety at Work Etc., Act 1974
Everton, Malcolm C. M.Inst.B.R.M.Dip., M.I.L.A.M., M.B.I.M. Head of Recreation, Recreation Division, Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council Managing the Value for Money Aspects of Modern Recreation Design
Blake, Ted. F.B.I.M., F.I.L.A.M., M.Inst.M. Freelance Management Trainer Marketing….Picture, Promise, Prove and Push


Taylor, J. B.A. MSc. Principal Strategy Officer, Sheffield City Council, Recreation Department ‘The Pram People’: Toddlers and Parents in Leisure Provision
McKeown, J. BA., M.Inst.BRM.Dip. Leisure Centre Manager, Nottingham City Council Community Recreation – Hunting the Unicorn?
Price, R. J. Dr. MA., BEd., D.P.E. Director and Chief Executive, British Sports Association for the Disabled, Aylesbury Partnerships in Sport – Where do Disabled People Fit In?
Torkildsen, George. Leisure and Recreation Management Consultant and Stoner, B. Partner FaulknerBrowns, Architects The Latest Developments in the Provision and Operation of Leisure Centres
Brenton, R. P. F.inst.BRM. Director of Leisure and Recreation, London Borough of Newham The Leisure Habits, Patterns and Aspirations Within an Inner City Multi-Cultural Environment
Martin, D. J. Dr. Energy Technology Support Unit, Harwell Laboratory Energy Efficiency – An Overview of Application for Leisure Centres
Ambler, R. G. Chief Fuel Technologist, British Coal and Rooney, P. J. British Coal Advances in Coal Technology
Pearson, J. C.Eng., B.Tech., FIGasE., M.Inst.E. British Gas plc. Midlands Research Station, West Midlands Case Studies of Energy Savings Systems in Gas Heated Swimming Pools
Braham, G. D. C.Eng., M.Inst.E, MCIBE., M.inst.R,. MBIM. Head of Marketing Electricity Council Update of the Energy Factor
Blake, Ted. FBIM., M.Inst.M. Blake Management and Marketing Training and Consultancy, Brentwood, Essex The Realities of Management


Rogers, Mike. IPFA., FCCA., FRVA., MBIM. Director of Finance, Eastbourne Borough Council and Werry, Will. Chaiman, Competition Joint Committee, District Auditor, Birmingham Competitive Tender
Medhurst, Joe. Director of Physical Education, University of Lancaster Management Internationale
Blake, Ted. Improvement by Reward Management
Studd, S. J. and Whaley, C. Smith and Jones; Sketch 1; The Studd Report; The Waffle Sketch
Mole, P. J. Councillor Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council Council Aid
Sargent, P. Dip.Arch., RIBA. Partner, Sargent & Portiradis Architects and Leisure Planners Leisure Design
Price, T. J. FIEH., FRSH. Principal Environmental Health Officer, Borough of Broxbourne Leisure Pool Water Treatment – Past, Present and Future – Personal Experiences
Metcalf, A. Senior Commissioning Editor Sport, Channel Four Television Sport and the Media


Pennell, Justin. Customer First Manager, British Airways Customer Care
Beals, Tim. HM Inspector of Factories, Health and Safety Executive Pool Safety – Developing the Theme 1 Health and Safety
Osmanski, Tony. Head of Leisure and Tourism, Suffolk Coastal District Council Pool Safety – Developing the Theme 2 Water Slide Safety
Penny, Phil, Dr. Amateur Swimming Association Facilities Committee  Pool Safety – Developing the Theme 3 Diving Accidents
Bishop-Bailey, Linda. Leisure Services Manager, Cotswold District Council Pool Safety – Developing the Theme 4 ‘Safety in Swimming Pools’
Jones, Huw. Dr. Senior Research Officer, The Sports Council Children in Sport
Jenkins, Charles. Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences, The University of Birmingham Sport, Recreational Exercise and the Quality of Life in Middle Years
Ireland, Robin. Health Promotion Officer, Mersey Regional Health Authority Sport and the Elderly
Rains, Colin. E. National Sports and Recreation Officer for Cerebral Palsy Sport and the Disabled
Morrinson, Fraser. Touche Ross Management Consultant Competitive Tendering
Johnson, Peter. Circa Leisure Ltd. Competitive Tendering
Penny, Phil. Dr. Chairman Amateur Swimming Association Facilities Committee; Elphick, Andy. British Effluent and Water Association and Bosher, Dave. Sports Council Technical Unit for Sport Pool Water Treatment 1988
Moxom, Angela. Head of Senior Management Activities, British Institute of Management Good Management Practice
Studd, Stephen. Sports Council; Henwood, David. Sports Council; Osmanski, Tony. Connoway, Lloyd. Trevallian, David.; Brown, Colin, and Pearson, Kerry. The Sports Council Amateur Dramatics Unit ‘Highway to Heaven’ – The Road to Management Perfection


Yarrington, Peter. Chairman of the Spots Council Conference Opening Address
Mabey, Bill. Psychologist and Director of Saville and Holdsworth Ltd. Selection and Recruitment
Watson, Tony. Provincial Training Officer Yorkshire and Humberside Provincial Council Building a Winning Team
Ebben, Andrew. Royal Life Saving Society UK Pool Lifeguard Training Manager Launch of Pool Lifeguarding
Wilson, Mike. Chairman Marketing Improvements PLC Winning Techniques
Havenhand, Martin. Chief Leisure Services Officer, Trafford MBC Marketing Techniques
Gaughan, John. The Audit Commission A Winning Performance
Bland, Hamilton. BBC Swimming Commentator The Effect of CCT on Sport and Services
Pickering, Ron. OBE. The First Tom Anderson Memorial Lecture The Changing Face of Leisure and its Effects on Management Today and Tomorrow
Studd, Stephen. The Sports Council “The Winners”


Blake, Ted. Fellow Institute of Directors, Fellow the Phys Education Association, Honorary Fellow ILAM, Members of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Member Association of Management and Development A Padded Sell!
Taylor, Richard. Deputy Director, Local Government Training Board Training for Quality
Studd, Stephen. Senior Development Officer, Facilities Unit, The Sports Council The industry Lead Body
Bunce, Stephen. Assistant Chief Executive IBRM Quality Assured Training
Tilley, Brian. BSc., CEng., MIProdE., FIQA, Senior MASQC., MBIM.,FAQMC. Joint Chief Executive David Hutchins Associates Quality Management
Mosscrop, Pip. Fellow Institute of Logistics and Distribution Management, FBIM., FCIM. FIMC., MCIM. Managing Director Collinson Grant Consultants Ltd Applying the Concept
Mills, Peter Manager, Oasis Leisure Centre Putting it into Practice
Penny, Phil. Dr. Occupational Physician Somerset Health Authority, Medical Advisory to the Institute of Swimming Teachers Occupational Health in Leisure
Francis, Rob. Director of the Corporate Finance Group, CSL Group Quality Rules
Nicholson, Sue. National Association of Head Teachers Local Management of Schools, Children and Sport
Mwale, John. MSC., MBIM. Executive Director (Corporate and Competitive Tendering, Kirklees MBC Equal Opportunities Policy
Martin, John. Deputy Director of Leisure Newcastle-under-Lyme B.C. and Wheeler, Bob. Leisure Consultant Competitive Tendering
Winter, Noel. F.InstBRM. Honorary Treasurer IBRM, Director Recreation Nottingham Safe Diving in Swimming Pools
Mills, Peter. Manager, Oasis Leisure Centre The Operation of Giant waterslides in the UK
Cook, Geoff. Chief Executive British Institute of Sports Coaches How Do We Achieve Quality in Sport


Stones, Peter. Deputy Director of Blackpool Pleasure Beach  The White Knuckle Business
Critcher, Chas.  Sports and Society, 1992 and Beyond
McNab, Tom. Fitness Advisor to the Rugby Football Union Sport, Health and Competitive Performance
Montgomery, Gerry. FIBRM. Montgomery Leisure Services The Management of the World Student Games
Studd, Stephen. Senior Development Officer Facilities Unit Sport Council Bishop-Bailey, Linda. and Allen, Neil. Development Officer Facilities Unit Sports Council Spotlight on Dual Use
Collins, Phil. General Manager Leisure Newcastle Blackett, Rob. Quality Officer Leisure Newcastle and Orr, Liz. Manager City and Byker Pools Leisure Newcastle: Quality in Action
Leuw, Carolyn. Programme Director Time Manager International Have Fun, It’s About Time
Walker, Robin. Industrial Motivation Sink or Swim? Your People Make the Difference
Osmanski, Tony. Suffolk Coastal DC 2001 – A Leisure Odyssey
Bird, Mick. Head of Parks and Sport Client Services Leicester City Council Managing the Contract – The Local Authority Requirement
Shepard, Martin. Assistant Head of Recreation Services (Client) Thamesdown BC The Client Monitoring Process
Campbell, Kit. Principal Campbell Associates Swimming at the Crossroads
Tiefenbrunner, Friedrich. Professor. Member German Standards Institute, Head of Technical Committee on Water Quality and Water Treatment Standard Austrian Standards Institute Pool Water Quality in Europe
Ebben, Andrew. Head of Technical Development Royal Life Saving Society Lifeguarding and the Impact of the Single Market
Bland, Hamilton. ASA Facilities Consultant Flexible Pools
Gorton, Jon. Contracts Officer Client Monitoring Unit Bolton MBC – Leisure Services The Application of Information Technology to Client Monitoring
Thomas, Kevin. Consultancy Director Serco Leisure Limited Managing the Contract – The Private Sector’s Requirements


Key, Robert. MP Parliamentary Under Secretary for National Heritage Opening Address
Tuxworth, Bill Lecturer, Birmingham University, Director, Allied Dunbar National Fitness Survey Health, Fitness and Exercise
Taylor, Peter. Lecturer, Sheffield University Sport and Society
Whitaker, David. OBE Performance Consultants Sport: More Than Just a Game
Graham, Malcolm. Graham Lambert Partnership and Lynch, Jim. Strategic Leisure New Pools for Old
Quinton, Roger. Roger Quinton Associates Ltd First and Last Reports
Starr, Simon. Sports Development Officer, Leisure and Amenities Department, City of Cardiff Sports and Community Development
Donovan, Katie. Senior Lecturer, Leisure Studies, Sheffield Hallam University. National Coaching Foundation ‘Champion Coaching’
McKeever, Eileen. Leisure Marketplace Ltd Sports: The Middle-Aged and the Elderly
Osbourne, Mike. Assistant Head of Leisure Services, Wealden District Council and Hanratty, David. Dr. Programme Medical Co-Ordinator Programme for Health
Evans-Platt, Carl. Deputy Director, Leisure and Recreation Department, Stoke-on-Trent City Council, Delivering NVQ’s
Dowsett, Brian. Municipal Mutual Insurance Company and Ebben, Andrew. Royal Life Saving Society UK Risk Management
Bone, Clive. Author and Consultant Quality: Value Analysis
O’Donovan, Dermot. Audit Commission A Citizen’s Sportsman’s Charter
John, Geraint. Chief Architect and Head of the Technical Unit for Sport, The Sports Council Sports Management by Design
Elphick, Andy. Sales and Marketing Manager, ProMinent Fluid Controls (UK) Ltd  Pool Water Myths
Studd, Stephen. Senior Development Officer, Facilities Unit, The Sports Council and Bishop-Bailey, Linda. Head of Leisure Services, Cotswold District Council Lessons in Dual Use
Francis, Rob. SSL Group Limited Organising Anew
Leuw, Carolyn. ‘TMI’ Time Management International Management Perspective
Henderson, Doug. MP. Newcastle-upon-Tyne North Conference Address


Oxley, David. OBE Chairman, Yorkshire and Humberside Council for Sport and Recreation, Former Chief Executive of the Rugby Football League The Value Chain in Sport
Taylor, Peter. and Page, Karen. Leisure Management Unit, Sheffield University The Financing of Local Authority Sport and Recreation – A Service under Threat?
Havenhand, Martin. Chief Executive, Bassetlaw District Council Structure for Sport
Payne, David. Head of Facilities, The Sports Council, Department of Town Planning, Oxford Brookes University and Elson, Martin. Professor Planning Obligations for Sport and Recreation – The Approach of the Sports Council – The Finding of the Study
Studd, Stephen. and Allen. Neil. Facilities Unit, The Sports Council Getting the Act Together
Montgomery, Gerry. Managing Director, Montgomery Leisure Services Making Sponsorship Succeed
Campbell, Sue. MBE Chief Executive, National Coaching Foundation The Chain of Excellence
Villiers, Cyril. Regional Director, The Sports Council, Yorkshire and Humberside Finding Funding – 1
Simmonds, Brigid. Chief Executive, Business In Sport and Leisure Ltd. Finding Funding – 2
Greatorex, Peter. HM Inspector of Factories, National Interest Group (Local Government and Entertainment) and Winter, Noel. Managing Consultant, Institute of Sport and Recreation Management Safety in Swimming Pools Revisited
Coulson, Peter. Lawyer and Author The Law and You
Mills, Peter, Principal Consultant, Quality Leisure Management Ltd. Risk Assessment
O’Donovan, Dermot. Senior Manager, The Audit Commission Performance and Value
Lassman, Michael. Director, Association for the Development of Open Opportunity in Recreation Open Opportunities – A New Concept in Inclusive Recreation
Edwards, Tony. Educational Development Service, University of Northumbria at Newcastle The Culture of Quality
Kendal, Ian. Operations Manager, Kirklees MBC Unchain the Contractor – Client Officers – A Burden or a Blessing
Abu-Ebid, Mahmoud. Building Research Energy Conservation Support Unit (BRECSU) for the Energy Efficiency Office (EEO) Building Research Establishment The Energy Chain – 1
Thompson, Ken. British Gas plc The Energy Chain – 2
Elphick, Andy. and Guthrie, Brian. The National Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group Pool Water Quality
Harper, Chris. Technical Unit for Sport, The Sports Council Designed to Manage
Sesnan, Mark. Managing Director, Greenwich Leisure Ltd Empowerment and Operation
Morgan, Les. Chief Executive, Moray District Council Healthy Partnerships
Torkildsen, George. Dr. Principal, Leisure Management – George Torkildsen The Value of Play – Review of Support for Children’s Play and Recreation
Blake, Ted. Blake Training and Consultancy Selling for Survival and Success


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