Frank R Botham

Frank R Botham

F R Botham
President National Association of Bath
Superintendents 1945-46
Honorary Treasurer National Association of Bath Superintendents 1947-1968

To many colleagues in the post war years, Frank Botham was generally thought of as the long serving Treasurer of the Institute, or as General Manager of the Manchester Baths and Laundries Department. He did, of course, hold both of these important appointments but he also served the Institute almost equally long before doing so.

His Southern Branch service included a spell as Honorary Secretary, whilst he also acted as Assistant General Secretary to the national body from 1939 to 1947. It would be true to say that, at this difficult period in time, he, along with Harry Hitchin, kept the wheels turning.

Appointed as Treasurer of the National Association of Bath Superintendents in 1947 he held the post for 21 years. His service in that position being an honorary one until 1961 when, upon his retirement from his Manchester post, he was appointed Treasurer of the Institute. His influence during the difficult period which followed the early death of I. F James, in 1965 was of inestimable value to the Institute, as was his sound advice and experience in the setting up of the paid administration in 1966.

The F R Botham Award was instituted in 1968 to mark the contributions he made to the affairs of the Institute.

Further information about the Botham family at Victoria Baths can be found at Victoria Baths Manchester’s Water Palace

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