William Morrisson MBE

William Morrisson MBE

William Morrisson MBE
President National Association of Bath Superintendents 1964-65

William Morrisson MBE joined the Institute in 1939, already having worked within the Industry for 3 years, achieving membership by examination.

In 1965 he was awarded the Henry Pike Memorial Trophy for his effective and devoted attention to the training and instruction of physically handicapped children.

He was, for three years, the President of the Scottish Branch of the Institute and held the Award of Merit with 15 bars. He was a member of the Royal Institute of Public Health and Hygiene, Life master and commandant of the British Red Cross Society with a Badge of Honour and Medal of Merit, and member of the Royal Life Saving Society, as well as their honorary representative for the North of Scotland.

F R Botham honoured hint in 1965, saying “His performance (as President) has been magnificent and we are indebted to him for the way in which he has discharged his duties. He was also described as “the living embodiment of what a Rotarian should be -achieving every aspect of the ideal of “Service above Self”.

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