Lidos (Open-Air Swimming Pools) in the United Kingdom

Web sites devoted to Lidos

Oliver Merrington created a comprehensive web site detailing information about Lidos in the United Kingdom.  The web site contains links to many Lidos and interest groups. This web site  is no longer available through a general search on the internet. However the link below will take you to the archived web site maintained by the Internet Archive Way Back Machine. A hard copy of the web site has also been retained by the Baths and Wash Houses Historical Archive.

Lidos (Open-Air) Swimming Pools) in the United Kingdom by Oliver Merrington

Finding Lost Lidos

History of Lidos in the United Kingdon – Wikipedia

Lidos/List of sources on Lidos – Wikipedia

Lost Lidos of Wales

The Seaside Lido

Pells Pool

Tinside Pool – Devon

Teignmouth Lido

Sandford Parks Lido – Cheltenham

Portishead Lido

London Fields Lido

Cleveland Pools Bath

Brockwell Lido

Saltdean Lido

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