Adjustable Bathing or Swimming Baths

The patent application presented below was made 4th October 1901 in respect of a bathing or swimmionmg bahths that coud be lowered from a height, probably from a peir,  into the sea to provide a bathing pool. The information published in the Patent application is reproduced here.

No 19,780  A.D. 1901
Date of Application, 4th Oct., 9901-Accepted, 23rd Nov., 1901
Adjustable Bathing or Swimming Baths

We RICHARD LEWIS Ship Master John BENJAMIN LEWIS Engineer both of 94 Station Road, “Llanelly” do hereby declare the nature of this invention and in what manner the same is to be performed, to be particularly described and ascertained in and by the following statement:­

This machine is quite safe in any depth of water, tide way or rivers, as it can lie raised or lowered as required. Fig 1 is a side elevation Fig. 2 is an end elevation. When afloat it is made as follows;-The float, H, Fig. 2 is of square timber iron or steel of the required size and length. The machine as shown in drawing is 50 feet in length by 20 feet wide, at both ends and centre are cross-timbers, iron or steel R, Fig 1 secured to floats, H, Fig 2, by being dovetailed and bolted. On these cross-timbers are fastened the fore and aft planking, K, Fig 1 to the thickness required, the full length, at the sides, and across both ends, and centre, it is a level platform.

T, Figs 1 and 2, are air tight metal casings, to give the required buoyancy, two or three as required, fastened to floats H, by bands, and protected by wooden, belting, P, Fig 2, projecting out from floats H, and secured firmly to rams by bolts.

Between floats H, and near the ends, are, fixed two bearings to take the ends of rollers, when required too beach the machine, these rollers are made to be placed in position, or taken off when the machine is afloat, the rollers having at, each end, and fitted loosely on the shaft, between the bearings and wood an iron rod of sufficient length to reach platform K. Figs 1 and 2, Stanchions. S Fig 1, fixed to platform K, support the hand rails and netting to prevent falling over­board. M Fig 1, is the movable, bathing and swimming apartment 14 by 12 by 12 feet high, which is raised or lowered too suit the bathers.

It is made- as follows,-

C, and D, Fig 1, are guides formed on an angle, made either of wood or iron, and secured firmly to floats H, and platform K by bolts, and on top, by 30 a stay 5 Fig 1.

The movable apartment travelling in guides C D, assisted by and kept in posi­tion, when lowered, by uprights A B, Fig 1 these are firmly secured to the bottom of apartment M, by bolts, and on the sides and ends, by stays, which form the four corner pieces, on these are fastened the battens, which form the four sides of bathing apartment M, and placed to allow the water to flow freely in and out. At one end of apartment M is placed a door, which is locked before the apartment is lowered.

Inside of bathing apartment is fixed a ladder, reaching to the top, and which can be made use of, if required. t Fig. 1 is an air-fight casing fastened to the bottom of the bathing apartment, and of the required buoyancy to bring the bottom of the apartment M to the surface. E F, Fig 1, are cross-pieces fixed to guides C D, by bolts having counter-sunk heads inside of C D, and on these cross-pieces E and P are fastened the cast iron bearings 1 and 2, Fig 1, which carry the shaft 3, on which is fitted and keyed the cog-wheel 7, Fig 2, which is, geared into rack 9, this rack being fixed to upright 0, Fig 2, stayed by a stay 6 from A 1 and A, both ends of apartment the same.

N,  Fig 1 is a platform fastened to the bottom of cross-pieces F, F, to work handles 8, where the bathing apartment is lowered or raised as required, having a chain V, Fig. 1, attached to blocks, F, F, by which the handles must be locked for safety when apartment is in the position required.

G, Fig 1, dressing rooms, where life-belts are kept, life-buoys being kept in convenient places, with small lines attached to same.

W, Figs 1 and 2, the water level. Across the centre of the machine is spread a canvas, or a wooden partition, to keep each apartment separate, one for ladies the other for gentlemen. When the bathing apartment M, Fig 1, is used on piers it is made to travel on, or in suitable guides, which are fastened to two or four supports as required, and to be made to raise or lower to the required height, or depth, either by manual, steam, or and other power.

Having now particularly described and ascertained the nature of our said invention and in what manner the same is to be performed, we declare that what we claim is:

1. That the bathing apartments M Fig 1, can be lowered or raised to the required depth of water, either by manual, steam, or any other power.

2. The general construction of the machine as described.

Dated this 3rd day of October,1901.


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