Batley Baths

Batley Baths was designed by local architect Walter Hanstock and opened in 1893.
The building was Listed Grade II on 11th February 1993.

Batley Baths from British Listed Buildings

According to The United Kingdom Trust Report on the Public Baths and Wash-Houses in the United Kingdom by Agnes Campbell B.A. 1918 the building accommodated the following:

Swimming Bath
75ft x 30ft
30ft x 24ft

Slipper Baths
12 Female
12 Male

Wash-House Batley Corporation Baths

The photograph, entitled ‘Wash-House Batley Corporation Baths’, suggests that the building also had a wash-house. This may have been open for public use or solely for the washing of towels and other items that supplied the swimming baths.

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