Manchester – Moss Side Baths

Moss Side Baths Manchester








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4 Responses to “Manchester – Moss Side Baths”

  1. Ryan Corby says:

    Moss Side Baths were opened on the afternoon of
    Friday, September 7th, 1906, the same day as nearby
    Victoria Baths, Longsight, which had been opened in
    the morning.

  2. Carl Evans says:

    The actual image is from our collection that was rescued from the waste whilst I was employed in Manchester many years ago. Manchester City Council still owns the copyright to the image itself and you can see many images on the City Council library web site. If the book is for your own use and not for publication then the use of the image would be acceptable. If you want to publish then you would need to seek permission from Manchester City Council.

  3. Carl Evans says:

    Hi the term slipper Baths was used interchangeably with the term private wash baths during the time I was working in the public baths. In Birmingham some buildings were provided to house private baths and that local authority called them ‘Cottage Baths’. The term ‘ Slipper Bath’ itself refers to a particular type of bath as described below:

    ‘Slipper bathtubs are iconic, noted for their traditional roll top sloping shape that offers a luxurious bathing experience at the same time as providing support for the body’. … ‘freestanding slipper bath denotes luxury’

    Some Victorian swimming baths installed the slipper bath design whilst others used a less ornate design.

    I lived above Moss Side baths for two years and that building did have a private wash bath suite as well as a swimming pool. The private baths were located in a large room and each bath was positioned inside a private cubicle.

  4. Patricia Woodcock says:

    I am trying to find images of what was called ‘slipper baths’ – the place where the working class could go and have a bath. Can you tell me if the above image is of a swimming baths, a slipper baths or a combination of both. Also would you grant me permission to use the above image in a book I am writing about my childhood in Manchester in the 1950s/60s.

    If the above does not have a slipper baths, do you have any interior/exterior photos of any others in the Manchester area – it doesn’t specifically need to be Moss Side, although that would fit into my memoirs better.

    Many thanks.

    Patricia Woodcock

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