1824 Public Bath, Burslem at the Boycers
1850 Eastwood Baths, Hanley, opened by the proprietors of the Eastwood Mills
1854 opened 1st June Etruria Public Swimming Bath having been built in the Autumn of 1853
1860 Tuesday 8th May Stoke Baths opened
1873 Hanley Baths in Lichfield Street opened
1881 Wednesday 13th July Longton Baths, including Turkish Baths Times Square opened
1890 July 28th Jubilee Baths Tunstall opened partly completed
1935 July Trentham Gardens Open Air Pool opened
1896 January 25th Moorland Road, Burslem Baths Officially opened (Swimming baths may have been in use from 1894)
1938 Whit Monday 6th June Burslem Recreations Ltd., a private company formed by the directors of Sneyd Colliery Ltd., opened an open air swimming bath at Smallthorne (top of Moorland Road, Burslem)
1939 September the Smallthorne open air swimming bath was closed
1948 Longton Baths closed to swimmers – Turkish and private baths remained open
1963 Longton Baths – Turkish and private baths closed
1976 Fenton Manor Baths opened
1970,s Shelton Baths opened
1989 Waterworld opened
1993 Dimensions opened
1997 Fenton Manor Baths refurbished and renamed Fenton Manor Sports Complex
2011 Jubilee Baths Tunstall closed
2011 Shelton Baths closed
2015 New Horizons Sport and Leisure opened

A key source of information about swimming baths in Stoke-on-Trent is Sociological History of the City of Stoke-on-Trent by Ernest James Dalzell Warrilow (1910 – 2000) (Etruscan Publications 1960) Chapter 11 (372 – 375) Baths and Parks Sociological History of the City of Stoke-on-Trent

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